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Mitsubishi Pajero: Hi, Ive got a Pajero and Im not sure its

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Hi, I`ve got a Pajero and I`m not sure it`s the right model. Can I find a number on the driveline that tells the Production year?

Unfortunately there is no specific marking that tells the year on the drive line.

Your only bet here would be to inspect the engine and transmission where they meet at the bell housing to see if the chassis numbers are still riveted on small metal plates. If they are, then you can have a dealer look up the chassis number to see what year the engine/transmission came from. Both should be marked separately, provided they have not been removed. If the parts came from a dismantler, sometimes they remove these and then you are completely out of luck unfortunately.

Additionally if there is concern over the frame as well, the chassis number should be engraved into the frame on the main rails facing out in one of the rear wheel wells. The same would go here, we would want to have the chassis number looked up to see what year it was.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX has been build between a 2010 and a 2008, imported from Germany. JMBLYV98W87401834 can you in Your system see witch model it is and is it possible to search hove many km the car has gone when exported to Norway?


Unfortunately the only way to track the mileage would be to contact the registry agent where it was previously registered. I'm not aware of any mileage-check services (like autocheck etc) that extend into Norway.

The VIN is a 2008 model year. The eighth digit from the end indicates the year.... in your case "8". The seven numbers after that are the individual serial number (what is used to identify individual cars as well as for Mitsubishi to identify the build-components.
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