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Mitsubishi 3000gt base: I have a 3000gt 1993 and I was changing

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I have a 3000gt 1993 and I was changing my headlights and I heard a pop and now my headlights and my dash won't turn on.. No blown fuses that I know of. Any suggestions?

Do the pop ups still work?

You said the dash lights do not work, can you verify that the tail lights are inoperative too?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
My pop ups work fine, my brake lights work. Tail lights do not work. Radio comes on. And some dash lights work.. But no back lighting and dome light does not come on when I open driver door.

And the headlights, they do not work or they do (illuminate)?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

No they do not illuminate at all, nor do the fog lights. But the fuse(or switch) in the box next to the battery clicks when I try to turn the lights on.


It sounds like we have one of two possible fuse failures. Please inspect the following and get back with me:

In dash fuse #19 (10A). This is the very last fuse in the box, the lower right corner fuse.

Under hood fusible link #6 (Green, 40A). With the 120A link in the upper right corner of the box, the #6 link will be along the top, second from the left. You can temporarily swap it with #5 to the left (radiator fan) or #10 which would be the lower left corner, same orientation (defogger).
I am leaving for the night, but if you need more help I will be back tomorrow. Based on your description I am confident you will find one of the two fuses/links failed. The odds of any damage beyond that are very slim.
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