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Mitsubishi Eclipse GS: On a 2008 Mitsubishi eclipse GS; do

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On a 2008 Mitsubishi eclipse GS; do I need to remove the 10 point screws visible through the inspection plate to remove the transmission?

You do NOT want to remove those bolts in the back on the flywheel as they are holding the friction panel on... they are never meant to be removed.

What is the difficulty you are having? This is a 2008 four cylinder model, correct?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Yes sir! It is a buddies car and we are trying to simply replace the throw out bearing as it has a lot of noise.


The throw out bearing on the four cylinder is a traditional style, not a "pull" type bearing. It does not need to be released from the pressure plate.

Are you just planning ahead, or are you at the point where you want to pull the transmission out and it isn't moving?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

First: is this costing me $16 dollars a question or on-going until I have the full answer?


I had the vehicle at the point where I was going to pull the tranny from the engine, but was thinking about other vehicle's done in the past (honda, chevy...etc) and thought these would need to be removed as this is a normal thing with standards? So you are saying with this manual transmission; DO NOT remove those bolts! As for removing the transmission from the engine, normal removal is required?

No, we just continue here until our issue is satisfied, Timm.... there is not an additional charge just because it couldn't be answered in one post.


The 10 point bolts on the back of the flywheel you must not touch... they are a weird shape like that on purpose to prevent people from accidentally removing them. They should only ever be touched by a machine shop if the friction surface is being replaced (which no one ever does anyway).
When you remove the transmission the flywheel and these bolts remain on the engine. The transmission input shaft slides out of the flywheel, clutch, pressure plate assembly and leaves them on the engine.


The transmission removal is standard fair on this car, removing:
Intake hose/battery etc
Slave cylinder
Harness and grounds
Mounts and under car support beam (the one that goes front to rear)
Bell housing bolts

A common thing that is easily overlooked are the two roll stop mounts... while they are usually mounted to the engine block in other cars, they are mounted to the transmission in this one.
The Mounts and brackets need to be removed for clearance.
It is very helpful to remove the lower exhaust section under the engine, as the engine is going to drop substantially (enough you need to support it from above).
There is one bell housing bolt on the back side of the engine with the bolt head on the engine side that is sometimes missed, and just above it is another one with the head on the transmission side that is often missed since it is sort of buried in the pocket by the differential.

In addition to these things, sometimes people get stuck as they slide the transmission out when it hits the K member. There is an easy way around this issue.... take the scissor jack out and place it between the oil pan and the K member and use it to push the engine forward, gaining clearance from the K member to allow the transmission out.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Great! That is what I needed to verify! You have been quite helpful sir!

No problem at all Timm, I'm glad to help.

If you run into any further issues, I am here every evening. Just let me know how I can help.
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