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Mitsubishi Endeavor LS: My 2004 Mitsubishi Endeavor is skipping

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My 2004 Mitsubishi Endeavor is skipping and missing. No noise and only does it intermittently. Mechanics can't figure it out because it is hard for them to detect. Light does not come on. Transmission? I just had the spark-plugs replaced and gasket. It feels like it is shifting a little and slipping?

Did anything noteworthy occur prior to this condition forming? For example it has been doing this ever since _______ happened/was fixed/etc?

Can you elaborate on the shifting a little and slipping description?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

It started it 2 weeks ago in the morning. I put it in reverse and it felt like it hesitated? When i drive it is fine for a while and then it kind jerksIt Feels like someone lightly hits me in the rear while accelerating.


No noise, runs smooth most of the time. My mechanic cannot feel it. Of course when he drives it. I have had 2 people with me and they feel it, however it is slight. Kind of chugs for a second without noise. Sorry, i don't know how to describe. Someone said maybe transmission?

Thanks that helps a lot.

I agree it does sound definitely like transmission related so far.

Is there any specific speed where you notice the chug sensation more often, or any way you can sometimes successfully reproduce it?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Around 40 miles an hour. My car has 217,000 miles on it and burning oil. But otherwise runs well. I just had the spark plugs and gasket replaced and oil change. It is intermittent. While driving it is smooth and only when I accelerate it does the skip thing.


When the problem occurs, does it almost feel like a rumble through the vehicle momentarily?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

absolutely no noise...smooth. You can just feel the hesitation.


Think of putting your foot on the pedal to accelerate and the gear changes, which I think is suppose to happen when you are going uphill and flooring it so it will catch up. It feels like that only going slower. You can feel it and it last for a second or two then fine.


When you say rumble do you mean noise? What I feel is the back end and maybe the front a little. Not a rumble. Does not really shake.

I'm sorry I didn't mean like a noise so much as a feeling of vibration through the truck for a few seconds. If there is nothing like that it is OK.

Is this an AWD model?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

It is a 2004 XLS Endeavor. SUV, yes i think there is a slight vibration. I noticed it too, but not severe. I have had it aligned before due to the vibration. That would not cause the slipping though?

If it is a fluid related issue like it is beginning to sound like, yes it would.

When was the last time the transmission fluid was changed (an actual flush, not just draining the small amount in the case)? What type of fluid was used?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I don't know that i ever had it changed or flushed. I don't know what kind...yikes!

Oh my!

Then this is certainly where we want to start. These transmissions begin to malfunction as the fluid is worn, and most notably you will have some strange hesitations and slips and in some cases even a vibration (usually around 30 or 40mph). A lot of your symptoms seem to be very fluid-like symptoms.

What you want to do before anything else is get that fluid flushed out. It is imperative that you flush it, not just drain and fill. A drain and fill only removes about 4 quarts, whereas a flush will exchange all ~11 quarts in the system, including pushing out the fluid in the torque converter (no other way to get it out). Otherwise you will simply be diluting your new fluid with old dirty fluid, negating the benefits of changing it and effectively wasting money on the fluid.
The second thing that is extremely important here is that you use only Mitsubishi SPIII. A lot of places hawking their own oil will tell you they have ones that are compatible, universal, that they meet or exceed in quality etc... it's all rubbish. What they are saying is true for the older SPII fluid.... SPIII is backwards compatible with SPII, so all the aftermarket fluid companies assume if it's good for one it's good for the other.... not true however, as SPII is not forward compatible with SPIII, so none of their universals will work in this application. It's a confusing mess, but take my word here you must use the SPIII if you want to avoid even more problems.

Any dealer will keep plenty of this in stock. A flush is normally between $170-200 at most dealers, or if you have a regular shop you use that has a flush machine you can buy the fluid over the counter and bring it to them as well.
Once the fluid is flushed, give it 50 miles or so and see if the problem starts becoming less frequent and less noticeable. By 100 miles it should resolve if we are just dealing with a fluid issue.

While it is possible to get more intense than just this, it sounds very much like fluid related only at the this time. The unknown service history on the fluid of course makes it necessary at this point anyway, and further is also the first step in any transmission related diagnosis (verifying fluid is fresh). Get the fluid flushed out and re-evaluate after giving it 50-100 miles to bed into the friction discs and see where you stand.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

okay good advise. I will start there. When you say buy over the counter Mitsubishi SP111. I am in the Santa Cruz area not close to a Mitsubishi dealer. Can I buy this in a Auto store? or alternative SP111?

If there are no dealers near you, then you will need to either travel to one or order online. There is no alternative fluid.

You can order online from Mentor Mitsubishi for 25% off list price which should help offset the shipping a bit. You would want to order a case (12 bottles) of MZ320300

Again I can not emphasize this enough: There is no other fluid you can use; anyone that tells you their fluid will work is only correct in the loosest translation of the word. Non-SPIII fluid in the 40/50 series transmissions like the Endeavor uses will cause problems (including like the ones you describe) and can even cause damage with extended usage.
Doug and 3 other Mitsubishi Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you so much...

You're very welcome, if I can do anything else for you just let me know. If you open a new question just put "Doug Only" on it if you would like it held for me.
Good luck!