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Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder: I want to put a seat cover on my

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I want to put a seat cover on my Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder (convertible, 2003). How to I remove the current seat belt clip on the top of the seat, and then how to replace it after I put on a cover (and probably have to create a whole). Or, is there a Mitsubishi seat cover for my vehicle? Thanks for any info/suggestions.

Mitsubishi does not make any seat covers for this model due to certain years having seat air bags. They do not want the liability of a malfunction there (low as the likelihood may be).

You can remove the seat belt guide to add a seat cover.
You must first remove the seat back cover panel. Grab the bottom edge and pull toward you to release the pop in clips at the bottom. Then slide the panel out of the hooks at the top.

With the back cover removed, you will be able to see the guide where it attaches below. There are two different designs here, one where it snaps on (plastic levers locking it in) and one where there is an actual nut/bolt holding it on. Being a 2003 I would wager you have the snap in style where there are just levers snapping it in.

In either event, removal of the back panel should aid you in determining which style you have.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

If the snap-in-style, what tools will I need? Are the snaps prone to breaking? After fitting a cover, is the reassembly of the seat straight forward or are there precautions to be taken? Is this a project for someone less than expert in car upholstery ?

Prone to breaking.... not the snapping portion, but the top definitely is.

Are you putting an aftermarket seat cover over the seats, or are you actually removing the old cover material and installing new seat cover material?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks Doug. After market: the ones that I've seen do not accommodate the seat belt clip.

Correct, you won't find any that accommodate it any more.... too narrow of a market for anyone to justify the expense now that the model is no longer "current".

If you are just doing aftermarket covers then there is very little to worry about as far as upholstery experience goes.

The worst part is going to be popping that rear panel off (they can be a bit tight sometimes, but honestly no big deal here), and then getting the guide out.

Once those are done, you will just slide the seat cover over and tie it down etc. If it has a separate head rest you would remove your head rest first (slide it up and squeeze the release button on the one leg), if it is incorporated head rest then you would just leave your head rest in place.
With the cover sitting on top, mark the hole for the guide and cut it, the insert the guide. Push the cover up in the rear so you can lock the guide in as needed, then reinstall the back cover by sliding it up into the hooks then snapping the bottom in. Once done you can pull the cover down the rest of the way.

If they are one piece covers they will drape over the bottom too, then have straps at the front to reach under and hook on the seat, then at the joint area between the bottom and seat back it will have more straps to pull through the slot where the cushions meet and again hook on to the bottom of the seat to keep the cover pulled tight.
If they are two piece covers, more or less the same, but the top and bottom sections will both have straps to slide between the cushions to pull tight, and will likely hook into each other.

It's not really a big deal once you see the covers in front of you and can identify what style they are... very straight forward. The worst part will be getting that guide out, as they can be finicky sometimes.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks. Very helpful