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Mitsubishi lancer: 2002 mitsubishi lancer, a/c would not hold

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2002 mitsubishi lancer, a/c would not hold refrigerant charge. stopped vehicle and heard "pop" and all refrigerant leaked out. is it probable that hoses are bad and should be replaced ? compressor seems to work fine.
Hello, I am Randall. I am not following in what order things happened? Ac was fine? hear a pop, lost charge, trying to recharge but keeps leaking out OR another thing happened
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

bought car , ac not cold, added charge, ac lost charge , addded another charge, ac was cold then stopped car was running heard the pop and refrigerant leaked out.i'm thinking a hose blew and am willing to replace hose system but not positive if im right or something else couldve cused this situation

well, hard to say without guageas hooked up and vieiwng pressures, but,, sound slike from the beginning? it was not a freon charge low that prevented ac and by adding more? it blew the pressure releif on the compressor. It is designed to do that if overcharge.
rarely do hoses or lines ever blow. 37 years, I have seen maybe 5 do that
i feel there is a blockage in the AC system, you hadded more and then could not handle the pressures and the releif popped
It resets 90% of the time but,, the only way to continue is to see pressure readings on guages,
they should be about 220 on the high side and 45 on the low. If high side real high and low real low? the system has a blockage and needs to be drained, put on vacuum and possibley the lines flushed etc
I woukld no jump into doing lines unless you isolat an exact spot it is leaking say, froma hose. I cant rule that out
maybe get a can of AC dye and put some in, you then can see the leak by dye color
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

i am able to buy a flushing system at an auto store will this hopefully clear blockage so i can then recharge? i was told that it was possible the cooling fan is not working and could also help to cause this? i have a cheapy guage that came with refrigerant iwas using do i need something better? it hoks to low side. sorry but in this economy don't have much money to take to a mechanic and it's my kids car

ac system s are rather complex, there could be one of several things happening. To me? you overcharged and the system is blocked. A full guage set hooks to high and low ports. Low reading only, is it a guage? if so,, once charged and running, the guage should be 45 psi +/-
Cooling fan not coming on with ac can cause high pressures but rarely to see it cuse the pressure valve to blow. I suggestd dye to try and find the leak. if fom a valve on the compressor? then way overcharged and likely due to a blockage. flush? well you can try flushing on your own. I understand budget and I am here to help but not being there, not knowing both pressures? I can only suggest thinsg to try
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

i understand and thank you temendously. although not an auto mechanic i am very inclined to work through these things. i have a buddy that races and will probably have the guages you speak of. i will see what i can come up with and get you back if any other questions come up. thank you very much for your help

your welcome, the post remains open evn after rating etc, you can still do a followup at anytime by reopening the post
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