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High beam switch stuck or broken. Cant turn off. Turn signal

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High beam switch stuck or broken. Can't turn off. Turn signal switch is also faulty.


Hello and welcome. I will need the year and model.


Once you tell me the year and model. I will look up the schematic for you.

JACUSTOMER-9q7ah6ze- :

Mitsubishi Galant, 2000

JACUSTOMER-9q7ah6ze- :



Ok give me a few minutes.

JACUSTOMER-9q7ah6ze- :



The column switch is at fault.


You are in luck because your vehicle is under a recall.


Therefore the Mitsubishi dealer will cover it for you.


I will send you the info.


NO.: SR-99-003
DATE: December, 1999
MODEL: See Below




Mitsubishi Motor Sales of America, Inc. (MMSA) is voluntarily recalling affected vehicles to replace the L/H column switch, and on some vehicles, also the R/H column switch.



L/H Column Switch (Headlight/Turn Signals)
It is possible that the headlight, dimmer, and turn signal switchmay not operate properly, causing the headlights to remain on even when turned to the off position and the directional signals may not operate or self cancel. It is also possible for the switch lever to become detached from the steering column. This repair is required for ALL affected vehicles built from May 18, 1998 through October 1, 1999.


R/H Column Switch (Wipers)
On vehicles built between June 21, 1999 and October 1, 1999, the windshield wiper/washer switch may not properly operate the windshield wipers or washers and in some cases the lever may become detached from the steering column. This repair is required for affected vehicles (All Galant vehicles and Eclipse vehicles WITHOUT rear wiper) built between June 21, 1999 and October 1, 1999.



1999-2000 Galant

^Vehicles built between 5/18/98 and 6/20/99 [VINs: - XE001001 to - YE014922] require a new L/H column switch.
^Vehicles built between 6/21/99 and 10/1/99 [VINs: - YE014923 to - YE047493] require BOTH a new L/H column switch and a new R/H column switch.


2000 Eclipse

^Vehicles built between 4/27/99 and 6/20/99 VINs: - YE001005 to - YE002028] require a new L/H column switch.
^Vehicles WITHOUT REAR WIPER built between 6/21/99 and 10/1/99 VINs: - YE002029 to - YE047499] require BOTH a new L/H column switch and a new R/H column switch.



A letter will be sent to all owners of affected vehicles telling them to bring their vehicle to their Mitsubishi Motors dealer to have the L/H and, in some cases, the R/H column switch(es) replaced with improved parts. A sample copy of the customer notification letter appears at the end of this bulletin. All affected VINS will be indicated on the Warranty SuperScreen, so dealers may perform inspection/repair regardless of whether a customer has received a recall notification letter.


^REPLACE L/H SWITCH ONLY: Replace the L/H switch (headlight/turn signal/dimmer) on all 1999 & 2000 Galant and 2000 Eclipse vehicles built between May 18, 1998 and June 20, 1999.


^REPLACE BOTH L/H & R/H SWITCHES: Replace BOTH the L/H (headlight/turn signal/dimmer) and R/H (wiper) on all 1999 & 2000 Galant vehicles and on 2000 Eclipse vehicles WITHOUT REAR WIPER built between June 21, 1999 and October 1, 1999.



DO NOT begin work on any vehicles without first validating that the vehicle in question is actually involved in the recall and what repair procedures is applicable.

Whether the customer's campaign notification letter is available or not, you should check the vehicle's VIN on the Warranty SuperScreen to verify that the vehicle is involved in the campaign and to obtain the correct campaign number.

^If the campaign operation number is: C0001AXX = 1 switch campaign The vehicle must have only the L/H (headlight, turn signal) switch replaced.
^If the campaign operation number is: C0002AXX = 2 switch campaign These vehicles must have BOTH the L/H (headlight, turn signal) and R/H (wiper) switches replaced.


IMPORTANT! Not checking for the correct campaign operation number could lead to unnecessary replacement of the wiper switch. Claims submitted for unnecessary switch replacement may be rejected. Also, claims submitted for vehicles not involved in the recall may be rejected.


NOTICE TO DEALERS: MMSA strongly encourages all dealers to repair all affected vehicles in their inventory prior to sale.



For additional switch replacement information, refer to Service Manual pages: 1999-2000 Galant, page 54A-78 [MEDIC Info.# XXXXX]; and 2000 Eclipse, page 54A84 [MEDIC Info.# XXXXX].

1.Remove the upper column cover.


2.Partially remove the lower column cover. The cover does not need to be removed completely, but rather moved downward slightly.


3.Remove the original L/H column switch (headlight, dimmer, turn signals) and R/H (wiper) column switch (on vehicles which require wiper switchreplacement) and install the new, improved switch(es). Some vehicles may have screws securing the original switch(es) into the column switch holder. DISCARD these screws. The new switches use securing clips instead of screws.


NOTE :Some affected vehicles will require ONLY new headlight switches. Other affected vehicles will require BOTH headlight and wiper switches. NO Eclipse vehicle equipped with rear wipers will require a new wiper switch. Carefully review the AFFECTED VEHICLE and DEALER ACTION SUMMARY sections of this bulletin to make sure the proper switches are replaced on all affected vehicles.


4.Reinstall the column covers.


5.Confirm proper operation of the headlight switch, and (if replaced) the wiper switch.



Part Number Description Remarks MR558804 Column Switch, R/H Wiper switch(vehicles without rear wipers) MR558806 Column Switch, L/H Headlight/turn signals


A small supply of these switches will be allocated to dealers who received affected vehicles. Additional orders can be placed through the normal parts ordering system.


Claims for this campaign must be entered as "C" type claims on your Advanced Diamond Network System (ADNS) Warranty Menu. A sample claim follows the labor operation information.

Install ONLY ONE Switch (Headlight Column Switch Assembly)Campaign Labor Operation: C0001AXX Time Allowance: 0.4 hrs. Install TWO Switches (Headlight & Wiper Column Switch Assemblies) Campaign Labor Operation: C0002AXX Time Allowance: 0.5 hrs.

This is the information from Mitsubishi OE.


Let me know if you have further question, please don't forget to rate me.

JACUSTOMER-9q7ah6ze- :

Thank you. Are you done? Do now, take my vehicle to a dealer. There's only one, in Henderson, NV, that I'm aware of. Or, do you have information for one in Las Vegas? If you are done, I'll check rating. Thanks again.


what is your zip code? I could locate a dealer for you.


Yes, I'm done. Thank you.


I'm done now.

JACUSTOMER-9q7ah6ze- :



Jim Marsh Mitsubishi

8555 West Centennial Parkway
Las Vegas NV 89149

5 miles away


call the dealer first and check if the recall was performed already.

JACUSTOMER-9q7ah6ze- :

Thank you very much.


you are welcome

internal88 and other Mitsubishi Specialists are ready to help you

The letter I just posted up was the actual letter from Mitsubishi regarding the recall.

Thank you for the bonus.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I spoke with Mitsubishi Corp. and the local dealership here on Centinnial Parkway, in Las Vegas, NV. Niether were aware of or had any information regarding a recall for my concern for my vehicle. My VIN was not included or affected. It has been repaired after taking it to a mechanic that works on Mitsubishi cars. The Mitsubishi Corp. did take my information about my concern to note for any future complaints that may come to their attention and ask that I keep my receipt for the repair cost to me.


I ask in the future that you find information for correct VINs that apply. Mine wasn't one after all. Thanks anyway.

Hi Nathalia, did you know what they repaired?


What is your vehicle VIN number? I want to look into it.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I'll resend, 4A3AA46G2YE172328

I will let you know tomorrow am.

Good Morning, your vin was not covered under the official recall. There is big choice the switch was defective. Anyway your vehicle is OK now. The mechanic must have change the new signal switch unit for you.

You have a good day.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Mechanic did replace switch. Thank you, have a good day also.