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Mitsubishi l200: how hard is it to change an oil sump on a52

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how hard is it to change an oil sump on a52 plate l200 ie is there room just to drop it or have you to take parts off to get room.

Depending on configuration you will have to remove different items to gain enough room for removal. Getting the sump off the pick up tube is where you run into issues as you have to negotiate it around and other items are regularly in the way. While I have heard of people forcing their way out on some models, I have always found it easier to just make room to work on all of them and not have to worry about things getting bound up.

If this is a 2WD model you can get the sump out after unbolting the sway bar/steering relay and removing the lower frame brace toward the front of the sump if yours is removable (some are welded in, others have four 22mm bolts holding them in). If your front lower brace is welded in and in the way, you will need to unbolt the mounts and elevate the engine for extra clearance by lifting at the transmission bellhousing.

If this is a 4WD model, in addition to the above, the front axle will normally be in the way and you will need to lower the axle to gain enough clearance to remove the sump.
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