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Mitsubishi montero: is there another way to open the back door

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is there another way to open the back door on my mitsubishi montero ltd 2003?
the handle is stuck and I cant pull the door open. Key doesnt work, auto door release doesnt work....

Unfortunately there is not a "good" way to get the door open when this happens. Interior access is difficult to say the least without causing significant damage.

In the current condition, does the door handle feel loose like it is not connected, or is it squeezed already and doesn't release?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

squeeze, not connected


If you use a flat edge screw driver can you get the handle to come back down or does it seem like it is completely frozen?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

when i squeeze it, it feels like its not connected and thenit stays in the up position...but it is loose, i can manipulate it to come back down

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

before it wouldnt open, it had a hard time latching when I closed it from an open if the locks were in the locked position...


The way this door operates is a bit strange on the inside. Instead of having a normal handle with a rod that goes to the latch, the handle has a relay spring which then connects with a rod to the latch.

The problem that occurs is that the relay spring gets corroded and seizes up. This is why the handle doesn't naturally spring back any more and the latch is no longer being released.

Unfortunately I do not have a happy answer for you... these really stink when they do this, and I dread when they come in myself even getting paid to get them open. What you will need to do is get some penetrating oil and spray in through the door handle (there will be gaps around it you can run a straw through). Lubricate as best you can and use the screw driver to work the handle in and out repeatedly loosening the system.

With sufficient lube and repeated working back and forth, the spring will start to loosen. At this point you will want to make sure the door is unlocked (use the remote or door lock switch on the driver door to unlock) and then proceed with further working of the door handle while pushing in and out against the door.

It will take a lot of work, I won't lie to you. Sometimes I get lucky on these, but often it is 30-45 minutes or fighting to get it to release.
Once the door is open, remove the interior trim panels (series of philips screws and pop-in fasteners) to gain access to the inside of the door. You will see the spring there and can clean/lubricate it if you wish.... I don't recommend this though, replacement of the spring/handle is the best option to avoid having to go through this ordeal again.

Be patient with it and take your time. I know this is a very frustrating situation when this occurs and it gets every more frustrating the longer you fight with it. You need to keep at it though as the alternative is to cause permanent damage in cutting a hole either through the interior panel or the rear plate holder panel. .. obviously not the best solution. Just take your time and you will get it.

If you continue to have issues and can't get it or do and have more questions just let me know. I will be stepping out on break but will be back shortly and through the evening so we can catch up later if you need more help after working with it for a while.
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