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i have a mitsubishi outlander 2007 - the ABS service light

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i have a mitsubishi outlander 2007 - the ABS service light and the 4wd lock service and the ASC off light all came on - what's the problem?


Will it cost a lot to fix?


NOTE: The car missed its regular service and the turbo blew so i have just replaced this with a new turbo, oil was changed, oil, air and fuel filters were replaced etc but this was NOT carried out a mitsi garage -


The car is a 2.0l diesel with 80,000miles on the clock


To add: the ABS light above the information screen is on also.


Can I still drive the car?


Will it pass a UK MOT with the above warning lights on?


This generation has been having significant issues with the ABS/ASC system recently with two particular failures. Wheel speed sensor wires and ABS pump/ecu failures. While certainly it is possible to have other failures as there are a few dozen possibilities, this system really only has a significant track record of issues on the above two problems. Having the system scanned will determine if it is one of these issues or a more rare/uncommon issue.

The wheel speed sensors are the most common issue and all 2007+ Outlanders are susceptible to these failing. It is more a matter of when, not if. Repair is straight forward in that you simply replace the ABS sensor wire for the affected wheel(s) and move on. A factory or high end scan tool will be required not just to identify the fault but also after repair not just the ABS fault but also the engine and transmission system faults will need to be cleared as well (the ABS system sets faults in other systems to turn the warning lights on and they must be cleared manually). Expense is relatively high with the ABS sensor wires ranging from $200-300 depending on the corner in question.

The ABS pumps are something we are just starting to see fail with a C2116 code caused by an internal driver failure. This seems to be happening more on slightly newer Outlanders (2009), however there is no change in the system so all are susceptible to some degree. This is an extremely expensive repair, but it is far far less common than the sensor wires and shouldn't likely be it.

Before getting too wrapped up in costs etc, you need to get the ABS system scanned by either a dealer or a independent shop with a proper high end scan tool that can read the ABS/ASC system on this vehicle. The faults recorded will indicate what part of the system is in need of attention. If you have any speed sensor (FR, FL, RR, RL) faults of any type (generic, range/performance, low voltage, abnormal signal etc) then the indicated sensor wire will need replacement.

If you have any questions please just let me know.
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Thanks for the information.


I didnt see any answer to the 4wd lock service warning indicator coming on, is this linked to the ABS/ASC warning?


It may 1 week-10 days before I can get the car booked into a garage. With all the above warnings can I still drive the car without?

I'm sorry I was unclear on that.

The 4WD system uses the ABS system in order to function and depending on the nature of the ABS fault it will turn the 4WD light on, indicating that it is unable to function properly.

While it is possible that the ABS fault is unrelated to the 4WD fault and vice versa, it is highly unlikely. The most likely scenario is that you have a speed sensor fault or similar that brings down the 4WD system too.

There is no harm in driving the vehicle in this condition until it can be serviced, but with two caveats:
1) You will NOT have any ABS or skid control function while the light is on. If there is a malfunction that causes the light to come on, the entire system is shut down.
2) You do not want to use the 4WD system (if the regular 2/4 wheel system) or the differential lock (if all wheel system).

Again if you have any questions just let me know and I would be happy to expand as needed.
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