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How do i bypass my ac compressor on my 2003 mitsubishi eclipse v6

Customer Question

How do i bypass my ac compressor on my 2003 mitsubishi eclipse v6
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Mitsubishi
Expert:  Doug replied 5 years ago.

Unfortunately it is impossible to put a short belt on this system, as the belt routing would cause the belt to contact itself stretching from the alternator to the crank pulley (it would contact the top run going under the tensioner).

The only realistic way to correct this will be to get your ac compressor pulley to spin.

Be aware that if the pulley is locked up even with the ac off (for example with the engine off and belt removed, you can not spin the pulley), this is indicating that the clutch bearing on the front of the compressor is bad, not necessarily the entire compressor. This means that you could swap the clutch bearing and get the belt to free spin across the compressor again. Unfortunately replacement clutch bearings are rather pricey (~$200 plus labor), and it is not much more to get an aftermarket compressor and clutch complete assembly... the labor would be the same and at least you would know your AC system was back up to spec again. A used clutch bearing could be installed, but honestly the amount of work swapping it twice is not worth the money saved.

In the meantime however there is no way to bypass the belt to the AC without rigging up some sort of idler pulley and bracket for the belt to go around in place of the compressor.