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mitsubishi: hello, ive lost my key and spare..2001 model..dealership

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hello, ive lost my key and spare for a mitsubighi spacestart 2001 model do i get it fixed? take it to a dealership? how much do you think would it cost? thanks.

If you have no existing keys, you will need to take the vehicle to the dealer to get a new key made. Mitsubishi stores all of the key codes used to cut a key when there is no key to duplicate, and that is necessary to make your new key fit your existing locks. You may be able to get this code from a dealership to provide to a locksmith, however it is unlikely...Mitsubishi has started logging the information of the people that retrieve these codes to prevent fraud, so we are not supposed to hand them out without the vehicle present any more.

Being a 2001, you should have an immobilizer type key (most 1999 and up Spacestars), which will run you in the neighborhood of $125GBP to replace the key and reprogram it to the vehicle so that the engine will start.... depending on your local dealers labor rate and if they mark up their parts prices or not, of course.
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I just wanted to supplement this, as I was looking over the builds from the Space Star line and see that there were still mixed runs of non-immobilizer keys in 2001. If your old key was all metal or had a thin "D" shaped head, it would be a non-immobilizer key. It will still require a trip to the dealer to get the new key cut from the code, however the cost will be significantly less (more like $25) due to being a basic key and not needing to be programmed.
I just wanted to make that clear in the off chance you have the base system (there's no need to respond).