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2002 mitsubishi diamante: remote wont battery..reprogram it

Resolved Question:

The battery for my keyless entry remote died about a month ago, and I was just now able to get a replacement battery. The remote won't work with my 2002 mitsubishi diamante vr-x with the new battery, does this mean I need to reprogram it? If so, how?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Mitsubishi
Expert:  Doug replied 5 years ago.

Unfortunately when this happens it normally means that the remote has failed. These remotes can normally go several months without a battery without losing their memory.

Never the less, it is possible that it did just lose it's memory while the battery was dead, so before investing in a new remote, you should try reprogramming the remote first. Dealerships can do this very quickly with a special tool for about $45, however if you are handy around a car it is something you can do yourself as well if you are careful.

To program the remote yourself, you will need a piece of jumper wire or a paperclip. This will be used to short pins 1 and 4 of the OBD connector under the driver side of the dash. Pins 1 and 4 are illustrated here:
It is absolutely paramount that you get these pins correct! If you short the wrong pins together, you can do serious damage to the vehicle.

1) Short pins 1 and 4
2) Close all doors
3) Turn ignition switch to ACC then back to OFF
---The door locks will cycle once indicating you are in program mode. If this does NOT happen, there is another problem with your wireless system---
4) Press the Lock button on the remote once, then within 10 seconds press it two more times.
---The door locks will cycle again indicating the remote was added to the system. If this does NOT happen, there is a problem with your remote---
5) If you have a second remote, repeat step 4 with it... each time you go to program mode all remotes are deleted so you need to do them both.
6) Remove the ignition key, pull the jumper wire, then reinsert the ignition key and cycle it once to end programming mode.

If all that happened was the memory was lost, that will get you back up and running. If you can not get into programming mode, the vehicle will need to be checked out to determine the problem with the keyless system. If you can get into programming mode but you can not add the remote, the remote is faulty and will need to be replaced,
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Ok, I located the OBD connector and shorted pins 1 to 4 using a paperclip, then closed all the doors, put the key in, turned it to acc, then back to off, and nothing happened. So from the information you gave me, that indicates there's something wrong with the keyless system in my car? Is there any chance it could just be a fuse? I don't know too much about cars, but am somewhat into computers so bear with me.
Expert:  Doug replied 5 years ago.
Yes, it sounds like you most likely have an issue with your wireless system.

The only catch here is sometimes if you take a very long time between steps, the process will not work. Typically you want to be less than 10 seconds between steps.

If you took a long time getting everything situated, you may want to try it again quickly to see if you just took too long. Also you may try using a piece of old wire, in case your paper clip has a non conductive coating or anything strange like that.

If you are still unable to get a response, your next step would certainly be to check out all of your fuses. Now granted, it isn't terribly likely to have a blown fuse and not have any other side effects (the fuses all share circuits, so typically when one pops, numerous things quit working), this would be your next check.

If the fuses are all OK, unfortunately we would be venturing outside the limits of the DIY type, as we would really need to have a factory scan tool next to verify the system is awake and is receiving signals from the rest of the vehicle (ie, if the module can't see the ignition switch cycle, it won't know to go into program mode, etc).

In case there was anything lost in the translation, I am attaching the factory instructions for programming the remotes below. Disregard the instruction to connect the MUTII, shorting pin 1 to pin 4 has the same effect, as the MUTII simply grounds pin 1 when plugged in... pin 4 is ground, so you are doing the same thing with the paper clip.

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