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Mitsubishi automatic transmission: Not shifting into park

Resolved Question:

My automatic transmission will not shift into park, when i shift the shifter to park the car goes into reverse or neutral. the shifter position will show neutral but the gear indicator in the instrument cluster will show whatever gear it actually is in, and that is not neutral. It is usually a position 1 or 2 steps below what postition the shifter is physically in. It will not go into park at all. once i get the tranny in drive (usually the shifter is in the neutral position) the tranny shifts fine just like it did before this problem started.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Mitsubishi
Expert:  Doug replied 5 years ago.

You are going to want to inspect the cable where it joins the range switch on the transmission. These cables normally (the front wheel drive models) have a fixed stud on the end, which goes through the shift lever on the range switch on the transmission; it is held on tight with a nut. If the nut loosens with age, it will allow the shifter to move normally, however the end of the cable will slide in the slot in the shift lever on the range switch. Because it is allowed to slide, at the end of travel it will not engage park.
Further, since the dash indication of your gear position is based on the range switch, the dash indication is going to be an accurate depiction of the gear you are in, whereas the shifter will depict what gear you want to be in.

Once this is verified, you will want to grab the shift lever on the transmission (have a helper in the car holding the brake pedal and have the parking brake set to avoid any rolling!) , and pull the lever the last detent so that it is in park. Verify the dash depicts Park as well now. With the dash indicating park and the shifter in the car indicating park, you can then tighten down the 12mm nut on the end of the cable to lock it down to the shift lever on the transmission.

Note that on most vehicle you will need to remove the air box and/or the battery to get access to the shift lever/range switch on the transmission. Not all, but most.
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