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Mitsubishi Endeavor: dashboard light reading TCL OFFWhat

Customer Question

Mitsubishi Endeavor - dashboard light reading "TCL OFF"
What does this mean. Idling rough
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Mitsubishi
Expert:  Doug replied 5 years ago.

TCL is your traction control system. Instead of a traditional ABS that only controls your braking in a slip condition, the TCL system also utilizes throttle control to assist in regaining traction.

There are two things that can be at play here. First, any problem with the throttle control portion of the TCL could very reasonably cause your rough idling.
Second, if you have any engine electronics malfunctions that would cause the TCL system to not work, the TCL OFF light will come on (in unison with the Service Engine Soon light).

Because of the large number of components in both systems, it is important to get the trouble codes being reported so that you you can have a direction to go with diagnosis, rather than just going in blindly.
If the Service Engine Soon light is on, you can have this checked at most auto parts stores for free, though I would recommend having a shop check it if possible... the auto parts stores code readers are not 100% reliable, and they often like to just try upselling parts afterward without any real knowledge of the vehicle.
The Service Engine Soon light should be checked out and corrected first before diagnosing the TCL light. The reason is again many engine malfunctions will shut off the TCL system, so you need to start at the top and work your way down.

If the TCL OFF is the --only-- light that is on, you will need to have the TCL/ABS system diagnosed with a scan tool; this is not something the auto parts stores can do. For the most part your best bet here is to take it to a dealership or a Mitsubishi specialty shop that has a MUTIII scan tool. If you take it to an independent, some scan tools can read these modules, some can not, and most are limited to strictly code reading without any actual diagnosis capabilities. You will want to find out what their system is capable of before committing to any diagnostic work, in case they are unable to assist and decide to start diagnosing blindly.

For the most part when this happens, it is tied in with the Service Engine Soon light, which again should be diagnosed first. We do not often see standalone TCL issues on the Endeavor.