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Mitsubishi endeavor: wheel drive..slips..icy

Resolved Question:

mitsubishi endeavor all wheel drive 2004 with 120,000 miles

the car slips on icy roads far more than it has done during all the years I have owned it. I changed the tires to michelin m / s 400 miles ago, buy it still slides around more than usual.
could there be a problem with torque distribution to the wheels?
what about power transfer unit problems?

thank you for your help john
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Mitsubishi
Expert:  Doug replied 5 years ago.

This is not a terribly common complaint, though we do see it mentioned on rare occasion. Typically when this comes up with a looseness in the vehicle in wet weather, or floating rear end etc, the problem is going to be damage in the rear suspension.
Particularly, inspect the rear sway bar, as we have seen both the end links break, as well as the mounts in the middle of the swaybar fail, allowing the sway bar to shift under torsion, reducing it's effect keeping the vehicle straight the vehicle under slippery torsion.
Secondary, we do see bushing wear on the trailing arms in the rear as well which can cause the same effect, though it is not quite as common as the swaybar issues.

Of course a brief inspection of the struts would be a good idea (simply push down or step down hard on the rear bumper and make sure the vehicle does not bounce excessively), but you would probably have other symptoms if it were this simple.

I would not anticipate any power distribution issues causing this, as when this occurs it is usually extremely evident... you will have a severe loss of torque at low speed. The reason for this is due to the way the transmission interacts with the transfer case. Unlike a traditional longitudinal configuration where the transmission is doing the same job regardless of whether it is in 2wd/4wd/awd, the transverse layout you have incorporates the front differential into the transmission. Because of this, there is already a torque reduction in play that compensates and expects for awd activation. If the transfer case or rear differential fail, the differential/transmission are not geared properly to drive the vehicle on their own... namely you will see what appears to be massive slipping up to about 25mph. Nothing you are seeing currently.

So I would not worry about any drivetrain issues here, it is not likely to be related at all. Inspect your rear suspension for any abnormalities, your search should end there.
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