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Montero: leaking gas..mechanic friend..fuel pump ..that is rusted

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My montero 98 is leaking gas.My mechanic friend says its the part on top of fuel pump ..that is rusted. he was saying something like cynonie gas pump...( i cant get the exact spelling of that ) But its like the part on top of the pump that has the gas line feeding into it. Basically he says its rusted and hence needs to be replaced .Saying cynone or seal on gas pump. Am not sure of the part if anyone can help i will appreciate it. The leak was coming out of rear tier near the gas tank
Hello and Welcome to justanswer...

One place where fuel springs a leak on these is on the seal - that fits between the tank and the pump / sender unit..

I will give you a drawing - exploded view of the system to help you - In the pic - item "N" is the seal.

Sometimes though, its the pipe that corrode on the top of the pump unit - look at the diagram .. you will see the two bent pipes - your rubber fuel pipes connect to those - then run to the engine. These pipes here are metal and can corrode as above and leak.. if thats the case, the whole pump needs to be renewed as you cant buy parts separately.

So basically with this issue it needs to be physically / visually and carefully inspected to determine if its the seal - or the pipes as above ..or even the tank that has corroded. Too - you can get leaks on the seals or on the filler tubing --but again - it needs a proper visual inspection to trace the fault...and then deal with it as found. The pic I mentioned - I have uploaded it for you HERE.

Im very pleased to have helped you -


If you do need / wish to get back to me, feel free - To do that just use the reply button and I will get back to you as soon as I can..



Meanwhile, please click the Accept button for me now - Thank You.

Rgds - MIKE.



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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Hi Mike. Thanks for the picture that is perfect. I think its the two bent pipes. Through further research i had just found the picture from the Mitsubishi site as well.And the name is XXXXX XXXXX pump assembly for the whole thing .The guy was talking about the top part with the 2 bent pipes. I was getting confused figuring that out.
Now for the other part any recommendations for buying the pump. The Mistubishi site has this thing at 300+. Other sites have them cheaper but they dont look the same and seem to have different things. Ofcourse i dont want to pay dealership parts price but if i have no choice then i just have to go that route.Only issue it would take me forever to get that part.But also i have no clue what the pressure or specs are for the pump.

But otherwise you were right on and am pretty pleased .
Hi again - thank you for your reply...

If either of those pipes are the problem ( and they do corrode ) - then the whole unit / has to be replaced yes as above..

Have a look at this site HERE -- when you look down through it - make sure you dont just go for the pump - as actually the pump itself if it were faulty - as in dead pump - can be replaced on its own - but you need the part that comes from the pump - to the top of the tank.. with the pipes - and this is called the Sender unit - that has the float -for the fuel gauge operation - - - It can be confusing because this is often referred to in its completeness as "fuel pump" assembly - but you should be able to just buy the sender unit - and have your pump swapped over.

A better site than the above might be this one HERE I searched out for you - again, contact them -- and see what they can do for you.. Looking at the picture here / on that site - helps you with what Im saying above. That shows the sender - minus pump...

I hope that all helps you further -

Best Rgds - MIKE.