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Eclipse: wont start..It continues to crank but wont turn over.

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My Eclipse wont start at all.. It continues to crank but wont turn over.. It started when my wife was driving and it just died..Any solutions? IAC valve?



We will have to pinpoint what the engine is missing.





All three of these are tested when the engine is being cranked over. There are two way of checking for fuel. Fuel pressure and fuel trigger. Both are very important and must be present for the car to start. Fuel pressure is self explanatory. You just hook up the gage and see what the reading is. Fuel trigger is check with a noid light. The injector gets unplugged and the noid light gets plugged in to the injector clip. With the engine cranking over, this light must blink. This is the signal to the injectors from the computer. You can have all the fuel pressure in the world, but it wont matter if the injector is not pulsing gas into the cylinder like it should! Compression tester, spark tester, fuel pressure gage and noid light are all accessible at your local auto store. All three tests play a very important part in diagnosing a no start condition. Be extremely careful when doing these tests.


A simpler test would be to see if it runs on starting fluid. If it does, then you know you have spark and compression and you simply have a fuel delivery problem


Customer: replied 6 years ago.
If I was to run the simple test on starter fluid, where would I apply the starter fluid? Thanks so much for your help and I hope we can come to a resolution.
Just spray it into the air intake where the air filter sits. Just open up the air filter housing as if you were going to be replacing thr air filter and spray starting fluid in the intake towards the engine and see if she fires up.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
So it didn't start... How much are the testing tools? Or can I borrow them? Again, I appreciate your help and am very grateful for your knowledge.
Sorry for the delay!

I would honestly start by checking engine compression. We need to make sure the engine is breathing correctly. You might also want to just be sure the camshaft is turning when cranking over the engine. This will ensure that the timing belt is not broke.

You might be able to rent a compression gauge at your local auto parts store. If not, you could purchase one from the auto store or even get a used one off of ebay.

You can accept my answer now and we can still continue our conversation if you have any further questions.
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I will check that this evening. If I replaced the distributor cap and rotor, could the problem be with the distributor itself? I know there are so many routes to go with a "car that won't start", I am just trying to get the cheap and easy stuff done first. If it is the distributor, is that a simple replacement?
SOrry for the delay!

YES! The sensor or pickup inside the distributor could very well be bad. If this is the case, a replacement of the distributor is very easy!