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2000 Eclipse heater blows cold v6

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2000 Eclipse heater blows cold v6

The heaters heat comes from the engine tempature. The first thing you will need to do is make sure the engine temp is up to par. 200 degrees is normal operating temp. This is the job of the thermostat. If it is stuck open or stuck closed the engine will not get up to and maintain 200 degrees. If that checks out ok, next step would be to make sure the coolant is full and there are no air bubbles at all in the system. Air pockets in the system will cause a no or low heat situation. IF there are air bubbles or air pockets you will need to bleed the system. Warm up the car with the radiator cap off while topping off the coolant. The air bubbles should rise out the top. If your engine has bleeder screws, unscrew them to release the air that is trapped inside. If there is no bleeders than you can cut a hose near the top of the system and put a flushing tee in line and you can just unscrew the cap to let the air out, than tighten the cap back up when you are done. Next would be the heater hoses. Make sure both of them going into the heater core are the same temp. If they are not, the heater core may be plugged and need to be flushed out. Hope this helps!

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Heater core is full flowing and all the air has been done gotton out 4 times at about a hour or so Front end jacked up to get radiator the highest for air also hoses at heater core you can squezze them closed and make water move in rad
Are the heater core hoses both hot?

Are they both the same temp?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
As close as I can tell Both hot hot
If this is the case, it sounds to me like the problem is in the HVAC unit.

You are going to want to find the blend air door motor or flap under the dash to see if it is moving when you move the heat selector from hot to cold and vice versa.

THis door could be broke, the motor could be bad or the climate control assembly could simply just be bad.
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