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2001 Montero: Horn button on steering wheel is stuck..pull..relay

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2001 Montero XLS. Horn button on steering wheel is stuck. Had to pull relay to stop horn.
How do I remove the center piece on steering wheel without activating air bag.
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Doug C :

The airbag and horn button are not separately serviceable on this car... though you can sometimes get creative in there, if the horn button fails you are supposed to replace the air bag assembly.

To remove the airbag/horn switch, do the following:
Aim steering wheel straight, remove ignition key
Disconnect negative battery terminal and wait at least 3 minutes
On the left and right side of the steering wheel, on the backside will be a T25 or T27 torx bolt. Remove these bolts (they will stay suspended in the wheel)
Gently rock the airbag left to right to free it of the mount posts
Unhook single horn wire and airbag connector

When working with the airbag, always leave it bag-side up in case of unintended ignition. If it is placed bag-down and it ignites, it will launch the igniter into the air.

Do not turn on the ignition switch at any time while airbag is disconnected or it will trigger an airbag light that requires a factory scan tool to clear


Thanks. No local dealership. Can assy. be ordered online.

Doug C :

Yes, if you provide your VIN I can check price and availability for you



Doug C :

and before your replace, I would recommend taking it apart and unhooking the horn wire then reassembling, just to be sure the switch is the failure point. It usually is, however there are some instances of the clockspring going bad and other oddities. It is normally the bag/switch though.

Doug C :

Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX moment

Doug C :

Ok, I hope you're sitting down

Doug C :

The bag assembly is part # XXXXX and lists for $903 sells it for $677 though.

It is currently available at all warehouses, but for that kind of price you definitely want to make abslutely certain the switch is bad, and there are no used ones available anywhere etc

Doug C :

There are two different types of bag used on these vehicles, one that the bag assembly tilts toward the top to activate the horn, and one that the center depresses to activate the horn.... of the top of my head I can't recall which was used in 01... If it is the one that tilts at the top, you more than likely will be able to repair this as it is usually the spring action that is causing problems

Doug C :

if it is the center depressed button, then it isn't likely you will be able to fix it

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.


disassembled hord/airbag. Can the horn membrane be ordered without ordering the whole assembly?



No unfortunately the only way you can get this particular unit is with the bag/chassis/cover.

It would make life a lot easier to for a lot of customers, however they don't specifically want any one taking them apart for risk of liability if the cover is installed wrong, etc. For that reason there are no service parts other than the assembled unit.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Does the bag chassis cover come less the bag and igniter? If so what is part #


No it is a complete unit, chassis, bag, igniter, horn switch and cover.

The part # XXXXX XXXXX and is currently still available.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.



You're welcome!