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Who is Ramos supposed Captain in Us Army in Syria. Has

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Who is Ramos ***** ***** supposed Captain in Us Army in Syria. Has ramoswilliams456agmsil. Cf Om email address and phone number(###) ###-#### birthday 10/19/56 lives in Washington DC supposedly and is divorced from Margarete Williams and has two sons John andvMaxwell

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Good evening,

I can't say who the person is for real other than they are a scammer. This is a classic military romance scam, a variation on the "advance fee" scams. They meet victims online, spin a story claiming to be a member of the military, and then when they have earned your trust, ask you to wire money or try to get sensitive information from you like your bank accounts or social security numbers.

It's such a problem that the army criminal investigation division put out a warning.

The scammers are generally in foreign countries -often Nigeria or Ghana. They will steal pictures and names of real military members to make themselves look legitimate. But real military members have official military email addresses, that end in ".mil". Since only military people can get them, it's one sure way to spot a scammer.

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
He has received about 7000 by western unuion wire transfers, iTunes gift cards, and money, I am a poor 73 yr old woman only on social security, most of the money was bu credit card or debit card, i have all the iTunes cards and receipts, western Union has all the wire transfers mainly to Aurora O. Elias, and a couple of others. Ramos also wanted to go on leave, never ending fees for medical and food see since he was supposed to go on leave. But wasn't able to obtain all Monies needed so he kept asking for 850 flight transfer fee from military plane to civilian for second leg of trip to Arkansas to marry me. He was supposed to be retiring in August and had gotten a very large check from deployment but if course could not use it there. He also needed money for internet. Last straw for me was 300 fee for one week of food and beverage, he was supposed to leave today. It of course the itinerary he received from someone else was a fake and he still needed 300 food fee or else Syria gov. Would not allow him to fly, I finally told him he was on his own and had to figure out how to get the money to leave a place he was never in himself , haven't heard back sin e earlier today and f OK my since his money pit dried up. He was supposed to be in Arkansas tomorrow for us to have a life together. I had called his phone number yesterday several times and no answer . Have never spoken to him by phone. I want my money back if possible since I have all the proof. His birthday birthday is ***** to be 10/19/ 56" 62 ur old captain but his original military Id showed E-5. But later showed 03 captain and drivers license has exact picture as miitary Id. His phone number is(###) ###-#### His email address is***@******.***. nothing about him panned out he used a private travel agent ***** ***** email John***@******.*** from Atlanta, GA.
Customer: replied 4 months ago.
Paula Cenicetos

Right, all of the information he gave you is fake. He didn't use a travel agent, and he certainly doesn't need money for food or for transfers from the military, etc. The military takes care of all of that -and a real military officer makes good money (my brother is one, I should know). But this is how these criminals work -they are very convincing and they steal a lot of money from victims.

Unfortunately, although I've helped probably hundreds of people who are scam victims, I've never known a single one who has gotten their money back. As I said, these scammers are often overseas, outside of U.S. jurisdiction. They tend to work in teams, so the "man" you're talking to is probably several people. They use fake names, change emails and use burner numbers so they can change those regularly. The reason they have you wire money is it cannot be traced or recovered. And scammers are clever enough to sometimes use unsuspecting other victims to receive wired money on their behalf! Truly, they are very, very good at these scams, so don't feel like you are the only person who has ever fallen for it.

That said, there's really little you can do at this point. You can file a police report, as well as a complaint online with the Internet Crime Complaint Center at The Internet Crime Complaint Center, or IC3, is a joint task force of the FBI and foreign agencies that work together to try to find and shut down these scams. Scammers are relentless though, and the scams are changing all the time, so where one scam may go away, two more take its place.

You may also want to speak to an accountant about claiming the money you sent as a loss on your taxes. It won't get you your money back, but it can reduce tax liability which can reduce what you might owe in taxes or increase your refund slightly.

I'm sorry I cannot tell you otherwise.

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Customer: replied 4 months ago.
I don't even make enough to pay taxes

Oh, okay. Well, I wanted to at least let you know that in case it applied to you.

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
Here is military I'd can't make iit larger

Anytime a "soldier" asks you for money, they're a fraud. I don't care what they tell you or what documents they show you. I would bet though that this "officer" isn't familiar with military jargon or protocol and I guarantee if you ask him to email you from their military email address (which will end in .mil and is only given to military members) they can't do that.

Furthermore, this civilian access card, while a well done fake, has things wrong with it. For example, the expiration date is missing from the top.

The bot***** *****ne is, don't keep communicating with this person. They are a scammer. They are not whom they claim to be. The longer you continue to give them money, they more they will keep coming up with excuses for why they need more, until you are left with nothing. Don't respond to any messages, block them if you have to, and they'll soon get the message that you've caught on, and they'll move onto new victims.

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
I have stopped his money

Good, glad to hear that.

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
Ramos driver license

This person isn't telling you the truth. The driver's license looks real, but that doesn't prove anything. It's easy to print a fake id, change the photo, scan and pass it off as your own.

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
I have blocked hm

Very glad to hear it. Once they see that they cannot get any more money out of you, as I said they'll move onto looking for new victims.