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1) what if my effort to request to CO (to add my additional

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1) what if my effort to request to CO (to add my additional conditions) was not successful or I did not receive any response? any other options?2) is not that processing of MEB should be looked at all the medical record? in my case is not a cherry pick ? if they send me to MEB for only one condition among several service connected issues?3) do you think if I hire a private attorney which very good one costs about $15-25K worth it in my case?I have 6 years reserve which included 1.5 years AD or total retirement points of 700 with E4.

Hi, My name is***** am an attorney with over 16 years experience. Hopefully I can help you with your legal question.

There is no legal requirement the CO "add" this to the MEB. So you can request, but if they deny you have no legal recourse.

They can "cherry pick" if they like. The law allows them to do so.

I would not hire an attorney...not yet...let the MEB play out...then you can decide if you need to hire one depending on how the MEB progresses

Customer: replied 1 month ago.
Thanks for the advice. Well the CO denied it to add it.NOSC told me today that "need to see my provider and then from there submitting documents for MEB. The MEB will be for one issue/condition only as per the letter from PERS. but if MEB found unfit for the one condition , then go to PEB then in PEB will be looking at other conditions not just the current issue on the PERS letter".Is that true or the way it does work ? I mean going MEB for one service connected issue , if unfit of course, then for PEB will not be one service connected issue , I.e. Bringing or looking to all other existing service connected. Please clarify this for me.
If this is true then no need to try for adding as long as my current issue strong enough to pass me through MEB.

That is true...if the MEB finds you unfit, the PEB can look at the entire medical history. But my experience is, the PEB will typically focus on the issues in the MEB...the PEB is not required to go outside the MEB

Customer: replied 1 month ago.
Would be possible or wouldn't be better to hire attorney for the PEB ? In order to add my other issues to get higher rates during PEB ?Is this possible to do it ? I mean to hire attorney for the PEB and adding more issues at that time ? Or it will be late.

You can certainly hire an attorney to help you with this. I would do so if the MEB/PEB is not progressing the way you expect

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