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I have a interesting question, my brother went AWOL from the

Customer Question

Hello, I have a interesting question, my brother went AWOL from the Army. He has a real interesting story about this soldier across from him, while he lived in the barracks doing drugs. He did everything in his power through the chain of command and nothing was being done about this soldier. He got fed up and left, he initially went back and told his local area Congressman about this somewhat issue in his chain of command. He wrote a letter and one of the biggest issues is that their was no one policing up these soldier and they were getting away with things. Well now hes is out, but their was a murder off post from two soldiers a Gamez and Blackette who were on bath salts or salt baths and they killed this teenager.
Now while the national news was covering the issue, their were four soldiers who were on drugs, he left because of drugs. That the chain of command, was giving them discharge upgrades. My brothers congressman representative told him that he was going to get his honorable when he got out. Now he is out its been six years and still fighting the Army about their excuses. Both our past presidents are very inclined about any issues related to the military. Now he is waiting for the Army Discharge review board, they're asking him if he was on drugs. He actually has information that proves he dont do drugs. It just seems like their giving him the round about the only thing he has in the National News to be able to hear his story and that is about it. My main question is how does an outside veteran... hold on hes saying something... how does a outside Veteran able to get a hold of Commanded from divisions to see his side of the story when AWOL has no defense what so ever. The soldier across the hallway was distributing drugs even and the MPs would arrest him. They just told him to get sworn statements.
Submitted: 1 month ago.
Category: Military Law
Expert:  P. Simmons replied 1 month ago.

Hi, My name is***** am an attorney with over 16 years experience. Hopefully I can help you with your legal question.

Expert:  P. Simmons replied 1 month ago.

I am sorry for this dilemma. But not sure I understand your specific question. Do you have a question regarding this?

Customer: replied 1 month ago.
How does he get a hold of Army Commanders about his issues. Their just going to see that he went AWOL without any sympathy he saying. Not only that he has an elderly guardian that he was raised by. It seems like to me that the Army was trying to cover it up. Hes already gotten ahold of his local area congressman, he dont seem to understand honestly. How does he phrase it to sound like about waht the chain of command did. If he writes to these commander their going to be more then disgusted.
Expert:  P. Simmons replied 1 month ago.

Sorry...which commanders are you referring to?

Customer: replied 1 month ago.
He has the proof he said, about how the events him leaving connected with the murder off post. From the chain of command not policing up their soldiers. His packet is at the Army Discharge review board now.
Expert:  P. Simmons replied 1 month ago.

Can you speak on the phone? This would allow me to address your concerns directly. There is an additional charge. I do not time my phone calls...we can converse until you receive the information you need.

If you are unwilling to speak on the phone I will opt out of this question and allow others to assist, if they are willing.

Customer: replied 1 month ago.
Any commanders that can help his case honestly. That is what... hold on hes saying.. is what the Congressmans represenative said, that he needs. I actually cant talk on the phone today, my phone is having issues.
Expert:  P. Simmons replied 1 month ago.

I sent the offer for a phone call...if you accept I am happy to discuss. If you are unwilling to speak on the phone I will opt out so others may assist

Customer: replied 1 month ago.
Its not that i dont want to its that my phone isn't working correctly. I got one of those I phone notes that were blowing up on people.
Expert:  P. Simmons replied 1 month ago.

No worries...I will opt out so others can assist you. I wish you the best

Customer: replied 1 month ago.
I tried to transfer, the phone number while my other phone was off and wont call out now.