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My name ************* I got hurt in the military back in

Customer Question

My name ************* I got hurt in the military back in 1974 from a fracture jaw and injured my back in a car wreck while on leave after basit training fort Polk Louisiana the v.a have denied me on everything to this day this go as for back as 1974 with broken jaw and I spent about three month in the hospital in Germany on a psy ward its been 42 years ago and the v.a. still continues to denied me to this day the president of USA ordered the v.a. to expedite these cases its been 6 month ago and I haven't heard any thing from what can I do this have put me in a hardship for years what can I do thank you very much *************my email address is ************* JA: Can you tell me what state this is in? And do you have copies of the medical records? Customer: ************* JA: Has anything been filed or reported? Customer: Yes they have all of my military record and doctors record its seen to me my repsentive haven't done a thing for me JA: Anything else you want the lawyer to know before I connect you? Customer: The va was suppose to be paying my child support but haven't now the social security Adm. Is now garnishing my SSA check s

Submitted: 9 months ago.
Category: Military Law
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 9 months ago.
Thank you for your question. I look forward to working with you to provide you the information you are seeking for educational purposes only.

What is the reason for the denial? The NEW president said he was going to get these cases moving, since they have been stalled in the VA, but it all depends on the reason you are being denied the benefits?

What is the reason they are giving, did they refer you to the ombudsman at the VA to file for an administrative hearing before the administrative judge regarding the denial?

Customer: replied 9 months ago.
This was a face to face conversation with va it is impossible to be less than the record speak for it,s self thedisabity condition of the jaw should have stated fractured jaw this is a play down of the actual injury in order to make it look less severe. An example of the va ,s deception and misrepresentation back strain5% condition of the jaw 5% = 10% since you don't use a 5% rating rating start at 10% so these rating should have been 10% the va ,s misrepresentation of me and a failure to follow up on the wording is a fact which is undisputable I was misled and board misled you my represent I've I spent 30to40days in a mental ward this was to keep me from injuring myself or some one else I was in excruciating pain but did not understand why I was put on the 6 floor the psychiatric ward for 30to40days the pain was so severe I wish I was dead to stop it the pain the medicine I was given was not easing pain at all like it,s was suppose to the law says you have the authority to approve the non-service-conneted disability this have been 30years of the va lying to me and using deception or deceptive practices which was wrong unjust and unfair practices to keep from paying compensation on the. Two injuries which the law says would be retroactive from1984 to 2016 this is also a violation of the law under the penalty of perjury. The ruling should be my favor for approval the va lied. Cover up. Neither of these services connected disabilities are less than 10% they are more than 10% disabling. Back strain 10% condition of the jaw clear and convincing evidence proof of the error that was made in applying the law the evidence does not establish services connected for the following injuries. Right ankle broken pterygium right eye misrepensation and disagreement case against the va these disabilities are well within the range of 10% or more they are compensable and payable under the services connected by laws respectfully jerry l mckinney
Customer: replied 9 months ago.
I can,t call I've used up all of my minutes I want get any more minutes until next month thank you very much jerry mckinney
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 9 months ago.
Thank you for your reply.

Can you please respond and answer my questions that I initially asked of you?