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I guess you could say I was a victim of the school education

Customer Question

Hello my name is***** guess you could say I was a victim of the school education program first of all I'd probably should never enlisted in the army I was Airborne Infantry assign stay first ranger battalion 75th Infantry when I was in school teachers never cared so I quit school when I was 16 work in a gas station waiting to turn 17 to join the Army that was 1973 I remember in the recruiting office I'll still no paperwork highest recruiter I spell my middle name Andrew I took the test did not pass took it again did not pass I want to work with my father and my brother is running screw machines making a good living but my heart was in the army and this time I'm not my wife 4 years later I married her I still wanted to go into the army I taught myself how to read I took the test and what the army my wife was not happy I got served papers gave them to an attorney said he would take care of it I was stationed at Fort Benning I went to basic training Infantry training and jump School came home on leave nobody talk to me the last day I was going back I want to see my wife and she told me where the horse didn't anybody tell you the Army never told me I had a court date I want back broken hearted two Fort Stewart transfer to Hunter Army Airfield for the ranger indoctrination program while I was there Fort Stewart first sergeant took me to see an army chaplain he closed the door in my face too busy he said I want the Hunter they knew about it over there Sergeant Keith the Jones you have any life problems I had more than that at this time going on I had mental problems I processed in Fort Stewart married knowing I was divorced he said we'll see first sergeant tomorrow I was alone all night crying out of control nowhere to turn I have I got on plane 1 home cut my wrist Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge set me to Great Lakes Naval Base Captain Whiteley one of the discharge mean I can't remember how long I was there they just couldn't get over the fact the ranger was there and they were all excited about that not want to talk about my problems the liaison officer he was airborne and that's all we talked about so he said go back you're motivated we need you and you know I didn't make it back believe it or not I got hit in the head a few days later with a tire iron I was in the hospital again 3 days later I get out Resurrection Hospital my family doctor cuz I was having bad headaches my ear was knocked off and back on put me in Holy Family Hospital then my dad called me and said Captain rice called then my dad told him he's in the hospital he said he still in the hospital and then my dad told him the story I called them when I got to the hospital and told him I can't go back I don't have the money he told me to go to MP station get a travel route they sent me to Fort Knox nobody explained anything to me nobody wanted to help me they asked me what I wanted more than my wife so I should go home if you change your mind come back in two weeks give us a call but discharge came other than honorable I didn't understand what that was I shoulda went back to Hunter Army Airfield and had an article 32 36 years I have suffered mental problems always thoughts of suicide been hospitalized several times never feeling good I adopted two children from China when they were babies there 14 and 17 now I've remarried 28 years and I have never said nothing about anything but my wife's how I suffer I guess I was at a time of changing or they just didn't want to help people like I said there's explain nothing to me they didn't know where I was I was even there Fitzsimmons in Denver Colorado from Great Lakes they kept sending me around because they knew I cut my wrist but they never tried to help another any other way I think it was wrongful discharge what Captain White we wanted to give me he was a psychiatrist at Great Lakes I should have did that instead of listening to that liaison officer because we're both Airport the army didn't know it they just kept saying formation is in hospital until the change of command with Captain rice could you please see if you can help me I don't feel good
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Military Law
Expert:  Marsha411JD replied 1 year ago.


Thank you for the in depth post, however, in order to assist you, I will need to know what your legal question is. I will be away from my office much of the morning, but will respond as soon as I am available.