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I am retired Navy and receive $2,000 per month retirement.

Customer Question

I am retired Navy and receive $2,000 per month retirement. The woman that I was married to when I separated from the Navy is now and ex wife we are legally divorced . I did not enroll her in any program that would transfer my pension rights to her should I die.
Now I may become married to a different and younger woman. She is 45 and I am 82 we would like for her to continue receiving my Navy retirement after my death. What steps must i take to cause her to continue receiving my retirement pay? Is it to late to enroll a spouse in a program that would give her my pension after my death?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Military Law
Expert:  Lawrence D. Gorin replied 1 year ago.
Survivor Benefit Plan - Enrolling after RetirementSome service members choose not to enroll in the SBP plan because they have no eligible beneficiaries at the time of their retirement. Later, through marriage or the birth of a child, they find themselves with eligible beneficiaries and want to change their earlier election.If this happens to you, you have one year from the date of initial eligibility -- the date of marriage or the birth date of the child -- to declare your wishes to have the beneficiary covered.To do so, please mail or fax the following items to DFAS Retired and Annuitant Pay within one year of the date of eligibility:Survivor Benefit Plan Election Change Certificate (DD 2656-6)a copy of any relevant legal document (e.g., marriage certificate or birth certificate).NOTE: This answer assumes that your divorce judgment from Wife # ***** did not award to Wife #1 the right to receive any portion of your military retired pay and also did not require you to elect former spouse SBP coverage with Wife # ***** being the designated SBP beneficiary.=========================If your question has been fully and satisfactorily answered, please proceed to “rate” the answer and close the discussion. Keep in mind that I receive no payment for the time, effort and expertise expended in answering your question if your rating is less than positive. Thank you. *****
Expert:  Lawrence D. Gorin replied 1 year ago.
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