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P. Simmons
P. Simmons, Military Lawyer
Category: Military Law
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Experience:  Retired Marine Corps lawyer and Veterans Services Officer (VSO) with 12+ yrs. of experience.
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I am seeking help husband, who is an Army veteran. He had to

Customer Question

Good afternoon,
I am seeking help for my husband, who is an Army veteran. He had to retire after 7 years. He retired to help his Mother whose Mother developed Alzheimer's and his Dad was developing cancer. He found a good job, and he worked all day. He then would take his Grandmother to her duplex and care for her at night. His Dad and I were close friends, he was the Mayor of our town for 36 years. I always walked their family dog nightly, and his Dad asked me to be on the Town Council. I was also caring for my parents who were physically and mentally ill. I also worked as a teacher. After David's Grandmother passed away, he continued to work. He completely remodeled the duplex, he frequently worked with only 2 hours of sleep. He developed type 1 diabetes and had to retire. He is now 64 and only got $1,300.00 monthly. He moved in with his Mom as she was getting older and needed some care. David has 3 sisters. One of them worked for the National Enquirer. She has a vicious temper and thinks she know everything . She has a type A personality. She announced "I am the one who runs this family". The other 2 sisters are nice people, now she turned out so awful, I don't know. My husband and I (we were married on 5/23/2015) took care of her completely. The only thing she ever did was taking care of bills. David paid for all the food and electric. His Mom asked me how to establish a will that would keep Diane from taking everyone for herself. She already has a valuable stack of gold coins and all the jewelry. I told her to set up a revocable living trust. I found a good lawyer who was a good friend of David's Dad. Believe or not, my husband's name is***** Marilyn wanted us to inherit the property and part of her stock portfolio. We have no idea what Diane (bad sister) has in her control. Two night's ago David got a call from the yardman saying that he has not been paid. He told us that Diane sold the duplex. Both sides were rented and it is one house from the beach. Unfortunately, before the lawyer could get over to have the papers signed, and I must emphasize they what she wanted, Marilyn took a fall in the kitchen and had a compound fracture of her ankle. She got home 6 weeks later. I am a good record keeper, and I made exactly 40 times to visit her. When she came home, David and I tended to all her care. We truly love her. If she lives to her last penny, it would be fine. Diane never told David that she sold the duplex for $395,000.00 . We went to see the lawyer this morning and he informed us of the price. We live in a beautiful mobile home park in Briny Breezes, Fl.33435. Shortly after his Mom came home, David was working outside and and hurt his ankle. He was treating it, but with the diabetes, it became severely infected. One night he called me and said "l have to go the the Hospital". We go to the one in West Palm Beach, Fl.which is excellent. The doctors said, "We can help you, but you will have to stay with us awhile". It turned into 5 weeks. He received strong anti-biotics. The infections got into his bone, so they operated on the bone. He came home but had to move in with me. When he was in the hospital, I cared for his Mom and his dog "Fenway". She asked if I would stay with her after seeing David daily. That was no problem, I was happy to do it. When his sister from San Diego was also feuding with Diane. She did not want to stay with Diane, so I told her to stay at my home. During that time, she kept telling me how much she hated her. She starting asking questions about what would happen when Marilyn dies. I told her not to worry, she would be included. She told Diane, and Diane told me that I was n
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Military Law
Expert:  P. Simmons replied 2 years ago.

It looks like your question was cut off. I do not see the specific question you are asking. Do you have a legal question today?

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