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my spouse and I are separated and he put out an MPO against

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my spouse and I are separated and he put out an MPO against a member of his squadron who I was personal training at the gym, and lead his CO to believe that this guy and I were having an affair. My spouse and I are separated and somehow, I am on the MPO as a person to be protected. His CO, who is is pretty chummy with signed off on the order. There is no explainations or anything on this order. Just a date of when my ex transfers. Is it void if there are no explainations on it? Am I void from it since I no longer live with him? And snce the other guy transfered to another state, is it void for him? This other guy detached from the old sqaudron last friday. Checks into his new on in November sometime.
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You aren't controlled by the MPO, so your status here doesn't change the MPO.

The person bound by the MPO is that other soldier. While you are still married, even if you are separated, no soldier can legally engage in any action with you that would or could lead to sexual intercourse. The military doesn't do thing state to state. If an MPO is in place, it is valid across the entire military stage as a Federal MPO.

So unfortunately, until you are divorced, your husband can have an MPO issued against any military member that you meet and try to engage in a relationship with, because no military member can legally be with you until you are truly divorced.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I wasn't in relations with this other man. My husband was jealous that I was spending time at the gym, training him, emailing him nutrition advice. Thats my job. I am a personal trainer. I have many male clients. He just so happened to work with this one individual and didn't like him. My question is, can an MPO be voided if there are no reasons written on the MPO, and when can it be voided? the other guy transfered, so is it void now? I don't want my name on an MPO, when I have nothing to do with it.

I understand that you were not in relations with the other man.

The issue is that a commander can assume, for purposes of issuing an MPO, that the interactions could bud into a relationship and, to protect that soldier from engaging in illegal behavior under military law, the commander can issue an MPO

You can't void an MPO. It isn't something that can be challenged in court. It ends when the commander says that it ends. The other guy still exists and so, even though he is gone the MPO is still valid against him, in eternity, until you are divorced. Once you are divorced, then the MPO against that person will become invalid.
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