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Who can I go to for help about hazing?(currently deployed enlisted

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Who can I go to for help about hazing?(currently deployed enlisted army medic inf unit)

I arrived at my unit from AIT 2 weeks before deploying to Afghanistan, from the moment I first met my NCOs till now as we're about to leave I've been humiliated and mistreated the leadership of my platoon including:

Smoking me my entire first day and then giving me a pt test early the next morning, then holding it over my head the entire deployment
My PSG telling everyone in my platoon they had to call me "woman" instead of my name(I'm a male)
Several e-5s and a specialist repeatedly tell me "you're not a man", "too much of a bitch to make it in this unit" and more as we walked down the street in Afghanistan
Specialists smoking me regularly without any reason, standing inches from my face and constantly threatening to "f**k me up", especially after this deployment
Spreading rumors and lies to other NCOs and calling me a liar when I deny it
many other instances constant through this deployment

From what I gather I'm to go to my chain of command(the source of the problem and no open door), the IG(who have no power), or the chaplain(who's job it is to do nothing). This situation has ground me down to almost nothing and now we are soon returning to garrison where we have no regular job to do(infantry unit medics) and I have been told by all the NCOs they're going to "sick the e-4s on me and the other newbies". I'm beginning to have some problems that make me wonder how long I'll last when we get there, and can't risk my effort to change things become known before I actually find help. The others in the unit who don't participate say it happened to them and I should suck it up(I don't think I can much longer as it is.) and I don't know how many of them would be honest about what's happened.

I don't want this to be more long winded anymore than it already is, but I need help, especially before these people get back to garrison and the new soldiers there.

Thank you for the information and your question. As you may suspect, you will ultimately have to file a complaint of this hazing if anything is going to change and these individuals are stopped and held accountable. You can though go to the EO Officer of your Command, which may be a Staff Judge Advocate, or another officer and file your complaint. Based on what you have told me, this would qualify as an EO complaint. You could also, if you prefer, submit a request for a meeting with your Commanding Officer to state your complaint. As you mentioned, the IG is available and although they cannot make your Command do anything specifically, I can tell you without a doubt that Commands take IG investigations very serious and if the IG finds wrongdoing, then they go to the boss of the Commanding Officer and that officer will indeed make sure that people are held accountable.

As you also likely know, hazing violates a general order in the Army. That can be found in Army Regulation 600-20 para. 4-20. So, that means these actions violate the UCMJ and are thus punishable by an Article 15 hearing or court-martial. So, you should consider filing your complaint.

Please let me know if you need any clarification. I would be glad to assist me further if I can.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you for answering my question, I believe I'll go to my base's IG office as soon as I get of the plane.


If you have any information as to what would likely happen once I talk to them or anything I should bring or be ready for once I go it would go a long way towards helping me out. Also how soon can this kind behavior be stopped, I know what its like to get to your first unit and have this happen, I want to do anything I can if it would spare those who came to the unit during the deployment from those first few days.


Again, thank you for your time, you've already been a great help.

Hello again Eric and I apologize for the delay and responding but I had already logged off for the day when you responded. You should be prepared to give as much detail as you can about what has been said and done, by whom and when, and how that has effected you. You should also provide information about who in your chain of command has been involved and what they have done.

The IG has to investigate the allegations, or send you to EO, which I mentioned before, for investigation. That means they will start at the top of the chain of command and work from the top down to gather facts and provide a report to the Commanding Officer and their boss. That could happen in fairly short time span of a week or so, or might take longer depending on the availability of the participants and decisiomakers and the assets available to conduct the investigation. So, it could take a few weeks as well.

You should report any retaliation for your complaint immediately to who ever is conducting the investigation, as that is, of course, unlawful as well.