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In 1963 I received a undesirable discharge. When I was 17

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In 1963 I received a undesirable discharge. When I was 17 a pedifile enticed me into some disgusting behavior. I was transferred to another ship and over a year later they came and questioned me about it. It never happened again. I am presently 70 and have been a minister for the last 30 years. Is there any chance of getting this reversed?
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The problem here, unfortunately, is that you waited too long to be able to use the process that was likely to be the most effective.

There are two methods to upgrade a discharge. DD Form 293, which you can do only within 15 years following the discharge, is the best method with the most success.

The other method is through filing a DD Form 149 with the military records corrections board. On your facts, you certainly have a good legal argument to suggest that your discharge at that time was an injustice, particularly given the shift in military thinking over the years. It would be worth at least filing that discharge upgrade request, but with the understanding that you would be using the less successful board due to the length of time since your discharge.
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