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will an uncharacterized discharge prevent from a career in

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will an uncharacterized discharge prevent from a career in law enforcement and reenlistment into a military branch? When i was 20 i was recruited by the army, but afterwards, i decided to finish college. The recruiter never told me the extent my discharge would carry me everywhere i go even if i decided to pursue a future career in LE. What can i do or what options do i have for this?
Thanks for the chance to help. I am an attorney with over 12 years military law experience.

Sorry, not sure I understand your want to know if you can somehow erase an uncharacterized discharge? Or do you have some other question?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

yes, does it hurt my chances of reenlisting or joining law enforcement in the future?

It is not possible to "erase" or remove it. If you did not complete your initial term of service, and were discharged prior to entry onto active duty, or within 180 days of entry onto active duty, an uncharacterized discharge is appropriate. This is called an entry level separation or ELS

The fact the recruiter did not tell you of the potential negative impacts will not serve as a basis to remove the discharge.

It will impact your ability to reenter. In fact, if you were discharged with an ELS it would require a waiver to reenter. And waivers are tough to come by today.

That change...if the wars get worse, or the economy improves, the military may have to stat to grant waivers for entrance...but today that is not happening.

As for law enforcement? An ELS is not going to help an application. It shows, in effect, you started the program and left early. That said, an ELS is not a "bad" while it will not help your application, it should not significantly detract, particularly if you are able to go to college and complete a degree. That would help show potential employers you have the ability start and finish when you set your mind to it

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