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My father is residing in an assisted living facility and receives

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My father is residing in an assisted living facility and receives VA A&A benefit. He has a house mortgage. Is it possible to rent his house to help cover the mortgage and maintenance without losing his A&A benefit?

Thank you very much.
Thanks for the chance to help. I am an attorney with over 16 years military law experience. I also currently serve as a VSO (veterans services officer) filing claims to the VA on behalf of veterans.

The A&A pension benefit is a great benefit, but it is "needs based"

That means the VA looks at income from all sources in determining the need.

He can certainly rent out the home. But understand that the income received will need to be reported as income. Depending on his other income and his medical expenses, that could result in a reduction of the A&A benefit

The calculation for eligibility is not complex

The VA looks at income from all sources.

Then they deduct medical expenses. The remainder is the veterans net income. They compare net income to the potential benefit (that will depend on if he has a spouse or not) to determine award.

Example, if a veteran is single has income (from all sources) of $2000, and they have medical expenses of $3000 they will qualify for the entire benefit (for a single vet that is $1731.

But say that the income is $4000 and the medical expenses are $3000? In such case the net income would be $1000 and the benefit would be $731

So that income from the rental of the home will count. But if his medical expenses are high enough, it may be that it does not impact his award at all.

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