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I applied for the VEERP Package to get out of the Marine Corps

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I applied for the VEERP Package to get out of the Marine Corps in early December. It was approved all the way up my chain until my co denied it because of manpower issues. I know that there are no manpower issues and today we sent it past him up to the company and battalion level to see if it gets approved by HQMC. What is the likelihood my package will get approved, and also do you know if any VEERP package has been denied by HQMC? I heard they haven't been denying any packages.

Thank you for the information and your question. Can you please tell me when your EAS is? Also, we would not have access to the statistics from HQMC on how many requests for VEERP have been denied, since that would be an internal record that we would not have access to. But, if you still want to continue with your first question, then if you tell me your EAS, I can discuss that with you.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Aug 8th 2014

Hello again and thank you for your reply. Assuming that you just applied, since you are not eligible to apply unless you are within 365 days of your EAS, then you would normally be eligible for a release date of 90 days or less from EAS without the positive endorsement of the first General in your chain of command. In this case though, since you are asking for a release date well over the 90 days, I can tell you that, unless the first General in your chain of command gives you a positive endorsement, your request, at least for a December release date, will be disapproved.

The MARADMIN 325/13 sets out all of the requirements for qualification for the VEERP. It also specifically says that this Program is a cost savings and not an "entitlement" program. In other words, unless your chain of command the HQMC see this as advantageous manpower wise and budget wise for the Marine Corps, they will deny your request. I can't second guess what your CO might have used to support his position that he does not feel they can afford to let you go early, but as long as he was specific in his endorsement about why he believes that, then unless someone in the Company or Battalion level disagrees with him, your application will not be approved. That said, this could happen and does, so I wouldn't give up yet.

All that said, requests are being disapproved, but I just can't tell you what the percentages are. If you have not already read the MARADMIN I cited above, you can read it at:

If you have any specific follow up questions for me, please feel free to ask them. I would be glad to assist you further if I can.

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