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Marsha411JD, Lawyer
Category: Military Law
Satisfied Customers: 20289
Experience:  Licensed attorney and former Navy JAG serving ashore, afloat and at the OJAG
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We'll need your actual question, and brief background facts, in order to determine if we can assist you. Thank you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I need to know if a certain type of security clearance with an intelligence agency is nontransferable to another agency. This is a military law question.

Thank you for your reply, but I still need the exact question and the background information that gives it context and what the botXXXXX XXXXXne issue is. I am a Military Law Expert, so that is not an issue.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Oh, sorry, your title just says attorney.


The question is if someone has a TS/SCI with Full Scope Polygraph clearance, how easy is it to transfer from the hosting agency to another intelligence agency, say the DIA. And how long does the FSP stay active?

No problem, the question was originally posted in "Legal" and not Military Law, so that is why it didn't show my Military categorization. As long as it has not been more than 5 years since your TS clearance was processed and you do not have more than a two year break in service between agencies, then your TS/ SCI FSP clearance will transfer. That assumes that there have been no major changes in your circumstances since the last clearance.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Sorry for "nitpickling" but what do mean by "transfer"? Does the FSP become invalid and the new type of clearance "TS/SCI no poly" take effect?


The reason I'm asking is I have an offer to go to the DIA and am concerned that it will "invalidate" my FSP.

I mean go to a different agency. Just as you used the term.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Okay, so if I go to the DIA and things don't work out, say, within a couple of months, can I go back to the agency that supports the FSP?

If you are asking if you can used your clearance, etc., then yes, as I stated as long as it has not been more than 5 years since your TS clearance was adjudicated and there is not a break in service of more than two years, and no major changes in your personal circumstances to report, they will not have to conduct a new TS or FSP
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