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Entry Level Separation Issue

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Hello, Back in 2000 I managed to get an Entry Level Separation code JDA1 / RE-3P from the Marines Corps. Now that I am 33 and having get rid of depression I want to join a law enforcement agency (Police Department or Border Patrol). How likely is that my discharge from the Marines Corps will haunt me down?


(At the moment of truth people were asked (among other things) to notify if they have previously suffered from depression and/or suicidal thoughts. I stepped forward and told them I did since age 12. They sent me to get verified with some doctors/psychologist and got kicked out. However I have never been diagnosed with any mental problem in my civilXXXXX XXXXXfe. No records exist on the condition I suffered. I've been ok for more than 8 straight years.


Entry Level Separation (Uncharacterized) Marcorsepman par 6204.3  JDA1 RE-3P  (Invol Dis, Fraudulent entry into military service)


Thanks a lot,




Thank you for the information and your question. Whether this discharge will operate to exclude you from service as a police officer or Border Control really depends on whether they are in extreme need for officers or whether positions are very competitive. I say that, because it is an issue that you were separated for fraudulent enlistment. The good news is that you only have an ELS and not an Other than Honorable.

The discharge will likely be more of an issue for Federal Service than local law enforcement. The fact that it has been 13 years and you can apparently pass a psychological test, works in your favor. So, there are no guarantees, but you have an opportunity to explain the context of what happened, as you did here, and you would want to emphasis your age at the time, and hopefully your successful employment or educational history since that time.

So, it is not automatically excluding, but you may have to explain the situation.

Please let me know if you need any clarification. I would be glad to assist you further if I can.
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