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My son is a last year cadet at a four year private university.

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My son is a last year cadet at a four year private university. Do to conflict on class scheduling between a nursing class and rotc class he did not pass Nursing and was dismissed from the nursing program after four years. His rotc colonel was the colonel from hell. Threaten him that his rotc class was more important than nursing and threaten his army career. Well he went to the ROTC class instead of nursing class. He has one more semester to finish a degree in Theology. His request has been sent to brigade. He is finish with all his cadet requirements but degree. His college time at school has be very stressful and my son has serious mental issues. He is afraid to get metal health help and being let out of rotc and pay back big private collage debit. He is seriously depressed. What do you think will happen do that I the ROTC may not except degree in Theology?

Thanks for the chance to help. I am an attorney with over 12 years military law experience.

Can you tell me

1. Is he a scholarship student? Has he been receiving tuition for this entire time?

2. What was his prior major (the one approved by the Army)?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

yes a scholarship student for three years.



Prior major was Nursing

If his scholarship was for Nursing, and he is changing the major, he would be in violation of the terms of his scholarship.

The Army can either


1. Discharge him from the ROTC program and force him to serve a period of enlisted service to fulfuil his scholarship obligation


2. Discharge him from the ROTC program and force him to repay the money he has received in scholarships


3. Allow him to complete his degree in theology and serve his commission.


So that is the options the Army has.


Can you tell me, if you know, has he sought help for his mental health issues? Since that could factor into this equation.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Only school counseling.

thank you

He may want to seek professional help for the mental health issues.


If he as a mental health conditon that limits his ability to serve, that could be a way out of the Army without a requirement to repay his debt.


It is up to the Army in the end...but if he has a mental health issues that pevents him from serving on active duty, that could allow the Army to discharge him from the scholarship and not require him to repay the scholarship.


Again, the Army has the final say...and they can discharge him and make him repay the scholarship, or they can force him to serve his enlisted contract.


let me know if you have more questions, happy to help if I can

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

He would like to commision. Would it help be commision that he has U.S.airborne wings,
Spain airborne wings, Air assults badge, and German athletic proficiency badge. Why does ROTC not want a Theology degree

ROTC is a program to prepare cadets for service as commissioned officers. The military has specifc of the most pressing needs is quality health care professionals.

If he was given a scholarship to be a Nurse, the Army expects a nursing degree.


He can apply to change...but the ultimate decision is the Army's to make. Again it goes back to the scholarship...they expected a Nurse from this scholarship...he is no longer going to get that degree.


His prior service, including his various badges will certianly help.


But again, it is up to the Army if they will agree to modify his scholarship.



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