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I am a US Marine. I joined the USMC 8 months ago without disclosing

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I am a US Marine. I joined the USMC 8 months ago without disclosing a medical issue that is now bothering me. I told my doctor truthfully that it had worsened after MCT and I was recently subjected to a medical board but I pcs to Okinawa Japan before I could be contacted state side. I am afraid that I will get a Dishonorable Discharge. What discharge would i get?


Thank you for the information and your question. In this situation, the process that is most likely to occur is that you would just be administratively processed for discharge based on fraudulent enlistment, which at most would carry an Other than Honorable discharge characterization with it. There is really almost no chance, in fact really no chance, that your Command would send you to a General Court Martial for just this, since it is not considered a "serious" crime under the UCMJ. A GCM is the only someone can receive a Dishonorable Discharge. Bad Conduct Discharges can be issued at Special Courts Martial, but again, very doubtful your Command will do that.

The norm in these cases is just to administratively process, and you would likely end up with either a General under Honorable Conditions or an OTH.

Please feel free to ask me any related follow up questions that you might have. I would be glad to assist you further if I can.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Should I be afraid of being fined and put in prison?

Hello again. No, you can't be put in jail unless you are court-martialed, which I mentioned is extremely rare, and unless you have been in some other kind of trouble, just really isn't going to happen. Your Command though could take you to an Article 15 before they process you for separation, and in that NJP, your CO could fine you and reduce you in rate, but that too is a bit unusual.
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