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Hello, the DFAS told me on the phone that they will have an

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Hello, the DFAS told me on the phone that they will have an answer to my case in 30 days, spoke to them May 30, 2013. But as of now June 24, 2013, I have not receive any reply from them by mail or phone call. I am a 14 years former wife of a navy retired. Court order stated that I am to receive 33.3% of my ex-husband retirement pay. He retired way back July, 1987. The court ordered specified that I should receive part of the retirement starting Oct.1, 1987. I sent all necessary documents to DFAS and they said they have received them and will reply June 30, but until now, no responds yet. What should I do now?
Thanks for the chance to help. I am an attorney with over 12 years military law experience.

You have a few more there a reason you can not wait that time?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I have waited over a year that they did not respond at all. They have received those documents last year, 2012. I called them many times before but can not get any one to answer. Finally on May 20,2013, I talked to someone, he verified all the documents they received and told me that they will responds by June 20, 2013. I just don't know if the DFAS is doing their job or just ignoring my request. My concern is they might just be ignoring me, saying something but won't do what they are saying. Should I wait, how long should I wait?

Ma'am, I bet they respond this week.

If they do not? I would call my congressman...DFAS is a government agency subject to congressional oversight. If your congressional representative contacts them, I bet they respond.

You can also have an attorney file suit in federal court to force this

But again, I bet they respond this week
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