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My son earned a 4 year Army ROTC scolarship and is his junior

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My son earned a 4 year Army ROTC scolarship and is his junior year. He was enrolled after initially failing a physical (scoliosis), and receiving a waiver after supplying evidence of letter-earning athletic performance in high school. He is now being recommended for disenrollment due to inability to complete PT run. He suffered a serious knee injury during ROTC exercises in Oct 2011 and rehabbed for one year, but hasn't quite made it back. He is 30 seconds slow. He recently received an award for grades 3.5+, and is acknowledged as having a good attitude and conduct. If he is disenrolled (pending), would he have to re-imberse the Army for past tuition?
Hello, thanks for asking your question.
If he is disenrolled for medical reasons it is unlikely they will seek any enlistment option.
Yes, they may begin recoupment. If that happens then he has to complete a good request for waiver. In this case he may be able to persuade the Secretary that the military assumed the risk he'd DQ for medical reasons, and so long as it wasn't due to fault, a waiver is warranted. However, that isn't guaranteed.
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