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I have a JDA1 seperation code from year 2004. (with renetery

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I have a JDA1 seperation code from year 2004. (with renetery code of RE-3P) My question is how is this seperation code going to effect my ability to recive a pistol permit or a starting a career as a probation officer?
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The RE code is really only effective in terms of blocking your reentry into the military. It's not a criminal charge or discharge characterization.

The separation code JDA1 is uncharacterized, so it's neutral. RE-3P refers to some sort of physical disability.

So, there isn't anything in those figures which suggests a lack of fitness, in terms of character. To the extent that your job as a probation officer requires the ability to meet certain physical criteria, that may become an issue, but I just don't know enough about the physical requirements of that sort of job.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
The other question I have then is what do I mark as in terms of a pistol permit where is says " Have you even been terminated/discharged from any emplyment or armed forces for casue?" The phrase "for cause" is confusing me?
Cause generally means some sort of misconduct. Termination for cause refers to termination for specific forms of misconduct or negligence.

You haven't really said why you were discharged, but the characterization and RE code certainly do not suggest "cause."
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Ok..thank you -- this inforamtion does help me greatly ... I joined the marines while I was in my senior year. When I was younger (preteens) I went thorugh a bout of depression(due to family issues)..I marked no where I should have marked yes on one of the application questions. While I was going though boot camp, I was dropped at the rifle range, and once again due to a injury. After these drops, I fessed up to "lying" on the application. (it is embarssing to mention this information - but does this new information suggest anything relative to wheter ir not there was "cause" ?
Well, they didn't use that as the basis for separation here.

Instead of charging you with fraudulent enlistment and placing that clearly on your separation (I don't get it from those codes), it instead appears that they gave you a neutral uncharacterized separation and made it based on the depression rather than any sort of "lie."

Unless there is something somewhere on your DD Form 214 which specifically states "fraudulent enlistment" there isn't any indication that there was 'cause' for your separation.
Customer: replied 6 years ago. have my DD214 here in front of me...the seperation code was JDA1 as I gave you. The reentry code was RE-3P. In box 26. that is the only place where "Fraudulent Entry Into Military Service" is used. However, in box 24. Character of service is marked or typed "Uncharacterized". Does this still mean there is no idication for "cause".. I apologize for all the fellow up questions, you have been very helpful, just want to make sure I am understanding all this correctly.
Well, there is cause there.

They could have not placed that in on your DD Form 214, making the separation entirely about the depression and not the fact that your application was wrong.

Here though, they included the fraudulent enlistment language on the DD Form 214.

You would have to state that you were released from the military for cause.
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