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I am a sailors ex-wife. The equation in our divorce decree

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I am a sailor's ex-wife. The equation in our divorce decree awarded me 20% of his retirement pay. We were married 8 years, so DFAS does not pay me directly. My ex-husband directed, upon his retirement, that the payment be automatically deposited into my checking account every month. In the 12 of 13 years since he retired and I've been receiving the monthly payment, I understand that there have been cost of living allowance increases to military retired pay. My ex-husband has never increased my payment. I would like to find out the amounts of increase that have been awarded in the past 13 years. DFAS has a link for questions about "retired and annuity pay", and I've sent the question to them two times. In the first response I was told that I was receiving a "voluntary allotment, and that the allotment is not subject to increase due to COLA". The writer asked for supporting documentation, and I forwarded to her a copy of my divorce decree. The second response (from a different writer) stated, once again, that I was receiving a "voluntary allotment". Writer also stated that "we have had 12 cost of living increases in the last 13 years." What I am trying to find out is: what were the amounts of increase (in percentage form) since 1997? I'm sure DFAS has this information, and it is not confidential in any way. How can I get them to tell me what I need to know, or where can I get an answer?
What I am trying to find out is: what were the amounts of increase (in percentage form) since 1997?

Try the following website:
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