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I am looking at going awol. I am in the army. I use to be an

Resolved Question:

I am looking at going awol. I am in the army. I use to be an E6 and got busted to E5 for falsifying paperwork. I then got stationed in Korea then got into more trouble by getting busted to E5 for BAH fraud. I am no going to face disobeying a non commisioned officer, failure to obey a lwayful order and adultery charges. In which my chain of command are going to give me a field grade article 15 and chapter me out after 45 days of extra duty. I have been in Korea since may 2008. Because my chain of command dragged out my BAH fraud case for 8 months i never left korea like i was suppose to. I have not been able to see my daughter and my family. My chain of command plan on embarrasing me and making my life hard in this unit until they chapter me out and I am to the point of cracking if I stay here. I realize awol is not a good move but I feel there is nothing left if I want to remain sane. I plan on going awol and turning myself in before 30 days with lawyer representation. Can I overcome?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Military Law
Expert:  Allen M., Esq. replied 7 years ago.
I think this is a terrible idea. Turning yourself in and not going over 30 days is certainly helpful (in terms of limiting the amount of AWOL punishment), but it does nothing to solve your current problem.

It only delays it and enhances it. It will take nothing away from the charges you are currently facing and it will add another charge. You will still end up back before the original command for a determination of how to handle your most recent transgression. You'll likely then be incarcerated as a flight risk for the entire time you await trial.

Don't do this. Speak with a chaplain or contact JAG defense and explain your concerns, but the course that you currently proposed is pointless, dangerous and in the end harmful to your cause.
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