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EMJ1219, Army First Sergeant (RET)
Category: Military Law
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Can someone with bipolar serve in the military at all,

Resolved Question:

Can someone with bipolar serve in the military at all, or in any branch? If so what meds are allowed and which are not? Is there anyway to recieve a medical waiver for certain meds? Please respond soon.           XXXXX XXXXX
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Military Law
Expert:  EMJ1219 replied 9 years ago.

Dear kinger,

Bipolar, whether under control of medication or not, is one of the reasons that are listed in regulation and federal law to disqualify someone from military service. You can not enter the military serviced with this condition.

On occassion persons may have trauma induced bipolar disorder through combat or other war wounds; under these circumstances they are required to be medical boarded, and unless they are a Medal of Honor winner or Silver Star winner, they are permanentlhy medical boarded and medically discharged from service.

This condition and its medications are not waiverable.

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