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What would the formula be for "Use the Vlookup Function, to

Customer Question

what would the formula be for "Use the Vlookup Function, to return the "Total" Column from "VLookup Sheet 1" in Column D into "VLookup Sheet 2". Basically, taking D5, D6, etc and entering it into a different workbook at D2, D3, etc?
Submitted: 7 months ago.
Category: Microsoft Office
Expert:  Jason Jones replied 7 months ago.

I am the person that will be helping you today. May I take a look at your document?

Please, be forewarned that the site is not secure:
- Click the following link:
- Upload the file to that website
- Once it is uploaded, the resulting page will display a "File ID" number.
- Please, give me that "File ID Number"
Please, send your reply below in the box. After you type your message, click the Send button.

Thank you,

Customer: replied 7 months ago.
I have uploaded a short excel test. If you could just enter the answers to the questions for m to review and send it back that would b awesome.
Expert:  Jason Jones replied 7 months ago.

I have the worksheet. Please, explain what you need done.

Customer: replied 7 months ago.
the instructions are in the workbook
Expert:  Jason Jones replied 7 months ago.

Okay. I will ask you to give me the instruction again.

In the instructions tab, I see the following:

This is an assessment on how well your MS Excel skills are.
Each Tab has instructions on how to complete the task
1. Sum Formula
2. Vlookup Function
3. Creating Pivot Tables

Expert:  Jason Jones replied 7 months ago.

There are small bits of what appear to be instruction in each tab. I am having issues understanding what is needed. If you cannot explain to me what the problem is, I will opt out and allow someone else to make sense this.

Thank you.