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I already sent my issue, but my card was not working, I had

Customer Question

I already sent my issue, but my card was not working, I had to find another credit card
Submitted: 12 months ago.
Category: Microsoft Office
Expert:  Byron replied 12 months ago.

Hi. My name is***** you for your question and the opportunity to assist. I couldn't find a record

of a previous question. Can you tell me about the issue you are having?

Expert:  Byron replied 12 months ago.

Please reply below using the "Type your reply here" box and click Send. I'll be able

to then see your response and help.

Customer: replied 12 months ago.
I typed a 9 page microsoft 2007 word document. After I finished, I pressed ctrl A and then F9 to remove any hyperlinks. The document was shaded in gray and would not restore to original plain color. I pressed the "x" to close the document and it asked if I want to save document and I clicked yes.
Here's the problem....when I try to open the document now, it brings up a new document with nothing on it. But if I go into the properties, I can see 9 pages are still saved to this document that I apparently cannot see. If you want, I could also email you the document
Expert:  Byron replied 12 months ago.

I'm not sure how to handle this one. I'm inviting the other experts to assist on this. You'll receive an email

notification when one responds.

Expert:  Bryan replied 12 months ago.

Hi, and thank you for your question. My name is ***** ***** I'll be assisting you today.

Could you please upload the document in question to the following site:

Done uploading, you will be provided with a link to the uploaded file; right-click and copy that file, and then right-click and paste it in your reply below.

I'll then check the document for you; thank you.

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
Hi my order number is ***** It's been over 24 hours, and now resolving the problem is useless. Please provide me with a full refund. Thank you, Dale *
Expert:  Quiksilver07070 replied 11 months ago.

If you would like to contact JustAnswer customer support to talk about refund, you can call them at(###) ###-####

Or I can help you with your 9 page document that is not being shown properly.


Either way....just let me know.

Expert:  Quiksilver07070 replied 11 months ago.

you might be viewing the document in a program that does not fully support the file extension yoru document is in.


I would have to SEE the actual file that the document is saved to.

And i would have to see what program you are opening it with.....i know you mentioned you were using Microsoft Word 2007.....but you can SVAE a document in many MANY different formats.

So....if you REALLY want help.....I suggest we have a remote session, so i can connect to your computer and help you through the process.

Let me know when you are ready......or if you want to go through the refund process......then you can do that instead.

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
thank you for your effort, but I couldn't risk waiting to see if this might work, so I went ahead and re-wrote my paper. Please provide a refund. Thank you
Expert:  Quiksilver07070 replied 11 months ago.

you have to request the refund.

you can call customer service at(###) ###-####/p>

Expert:  Byron replied 11 months ago.

Please open the document (if you haven't already deleted it) If Word reports the document is 9 pages,

print it.

Don't send it to your printer, but send it to the Microsoft PDF printer.

You'll still get your refund. I just want to see if the text is still there.

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
Hi Byron, no sir, text is still not there.