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1. How do you modify an Excel worksheet that's embedded in a

Customer Question

1. How do you modify an Excel worksheet that's embedded in a Word document? A. You must select all the cells in the embedded Excel spreadsheet.
B. You must rename the document to gain access into the embedded Excel spreadsheet.
C. You first must double-click the Excel spreadsheet.
D. You first must save the document.
2. How do you create a Chart within the embedded Excel spreadsheet table? A. Click the Charts tab, and select a chart.
B. Click the Insert tab, select an icon in the Charts group, and click it.
C. Right-click on embedded Excel spreadsheet, and select chart.
D. Click the Insert tab, click the Charts icon, and select a chart.
3. Bobby just inputted annual costs for January (A1) thru December (L1) in his embedded Excel spreadsheet that’s integrated into a Word document. Now he must make sure the inputted costs have the dollar symbol and have two decimals after each projected month. How can Bobby add the dollar symbol multiple times for January (A1) thru December’s (L1) annual costs?
A. Select cells A1 through L1, click on cell A1, hold the Shift key down and drag to L1, and click on Accounting Number Format button.
B. Go to each cell A1 through L1 and click on the Accounting Number Format button. C. Highlight A1 through L1, right-click, and select Dollar sign.
D. Select the Formula tab and click on the Accounting Number Format button.
4. What Microsoft Office applications can you use to create a database mail merge? A. PowerPoint, Publisher, Excel, and Word
B. Access
C. Word and Excel
D. Excel, Word, and Access
5. How should you save the edited Excel worksheet that has been embedded in a Word document? A. Click the Save button in the upper-left corner of Word.
B. Click on Start, select Programs, and click the icon for the Excel program.
C. Press Alt and S at the same time.
D. Click the Home tab, click on Select All, and press Alt + Shift + S.
6. If you wish to display your database file one record at a time, you should create a A. datasheet.
B. form.
C. frame.
D. table.
7. Hank is working on his embedded Excel spreadsheet in a Word document. Before he can edit the worksheet that’s embedded in his Word document, he must
A. recalculate the Excel spreadsheet.
B. double-click on the embedded worksheet to activate Excel. C. save the Word document.
D. copy the Excel spreadsheet into Excel.
8. Mae needs to resize an embedded Excel Worksheet that’s in her Word document. How do you increase the rows to 10 rows with 6 columns?
A. Select the table icon, create table, select 6 columns by 10 rows long, and click OK.
B. Select the Embed tab, and click on the Excel worksheet option.
C. Right-click on the Word document and select Embed Excel worksheet.
D. Select the Excel spreadsheet, go to the lower right corner of spreadsheet, select the arrow icon, and resize and drag the columns to 6 columns wide and 10 rows high.
9. The Mail Merge wizard is located in A. Access.
B. Word.
C. Excel.
D. PowerPoint.
10. Computer user A wants the Excel worksheet in a Word document to automatically update when she makes changes to the Excel worksheet so she’ll embed the worksheet into the Word document. Computer user B says to link the worksheet to the Word document. Which computer user is using the correct process?
A. Both are correct.
B. Computer user A is correct. C. Computer user B is correct. D. Neither is correct.
11. Jean and Les are discussing linked and embedded files. Jean says that the file that's embedded in a document is the source file. Les says the embedded file is the destination file. Who is correct?
A. Both are correct.
B. Neither is correct. C. Only Jean is correct. D. Only Les is correct.
12. Jane has created a chart from an Excel spreadsheet table. The chart has gridlines. How can Jane get rid of the gridlines?
A. When creating the chart, select the chart that contains no gridlines.
B. Highlight the chart, right-click, and select gridlines.
C. Select each gridline and click on the Delete button.
D. Double-click the Excel spreadsheet, click the View tab, and uncheck the check box next to Gridlines to deselect the option.
13. Which shortcut-key combination helps you quickly select text from cursor selection to the end of the row?
A. Ctrl+Alt+Delete B. Shift+End
C. Shift+F2
D. Ctrl+C
14. What button on the Excel toolbar should you use to add a dollar sign? A. Omega Greek Symbol Auto Sum
B. Format Option
C. The Percent Symbol
D. Accounting Number Format
15. Maggie needs to create a mail merge from her existing database called Mail. The Mail Merge wizard is located in the Microsoft ______ application.
A. Word
B. Excel
C. PowerPoint D. Access
16. Robin has populated a database table in Access with customer names, addresses and phone numbers. She now needs to create a form to display the customer information. How does Robin create a Database Form in Microsoft Access?
A. Open Access and select the New icon.
B. Select the Form button, and click Create.
Submitted: 10 months ago.
Category: Microsoft Office
Customer: replied 10 months ago.
here is a file more clear just in case
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Hello, my name is ***** ***** I will do my best to assist you today. Please give me a minute to review your issue and get back to you. Thanks in advance

Expert:  comp_audio replied 10 months ago.

How soon do you need this verified and completed?

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monday around 6pm
Customer: replied 10 months ago.
If possible please let me know this is due Monday at 7pm

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