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I have a question about Excel 2013.I am trying to create

Customer Question

I have a question about Excel 2013.
I am trying to create a macro that makes a new series based on part of a cell's name, and plots these different series on the same chart. The data is mixed, and cannot easily be sorted. For example, I have a cell named "Basement 4-4" and a cell named "Basement 4-1". these are scattered throughout other data. I need them to be plotted together as a series called "Basement", and able to be automatically updated as I add more data.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Microsoft Office
Expert:  Pete replied 1 year ago.
Hi Logan,Could you please attach a sample spreadsheet of data?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I have attached a copy of the excel sheet. It doesn't have the code that pulls this data from other spreadsheets, but it gathers it in this summary. From here, I need a macro that can take each type of sample (Basement. Bin1, Bin2, etc.) and plot them as individual series. This macro should be able to be attached to a button that I can press after the data is updated, and will add new points to the correct series.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Does the question make sense, or should I try to provide more clarification?
Expert:  Pete replied 1 year ago.
I regret I will have to open this question up to the other experts...
Expert:  Suryanto replied 1 year ago.
Hi,Welcome to JustanswerI am Suryanto and I can write the macro for youCould you send me the sample of chart ?Thank youSuryanto
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I have attached the summary sheet and the original sheet (JustAnswerSheet and BaselineSandTesting1, respectively). I will be adding more sheets continually, and each sheet corresponds to a name in the first column of JustAnswerSheet. The macro needs to be attached to a button that allows me to refresh the summary page after i click it. The macro must create a scatter plot, with the x axis being the date, and the Y axis being the percent. I need a series for each type of sample (bin1, Bin 2, Basement, etc) and a series for each sieve number (sieve 40, sieve 50, Sieve 40+50). Let me know if I can provide further clarification. Do not worry about the data (LOI, Hot Tensile, Stick point, pH) at this point. Thanks.
Expert:  Suryanto replied 1 year ago.
Hi Logan,A few question:-How about the format in the sheets ? Do the data fill in the range D5..D12 ? But i don't see sieve 40+50 ?-What happen if the sheets not exist ? Do you add the sheets manually ?-A button will be added to summary sheet. If you press the button, it will fill the data in file BaselineSandTesting1 . is that correct ?Thank youSuryanto
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I have already written a macro that already populates the BaselineSandTesting1 sheets' information into the summary sheet (JustAnswerSheet). This is saved in a macro-enabled workbook, which cannot be uploaded to this site. This macro is already attached to a button and everything.
I just need code that takes the summarized data (in the JustAnswerSheet) and plots it as a scatterplot as described before.The challenge here is that I need separate series for each sample type (Basement, Bin1, Bin2, etc) for each column B, C and D in the JustAnswerSheet. As the number of rows increases as I collect more data, the scatterplot needs to update when I run the macro.I manually add sheets as I collect data.The Sieve #40, Sieve #50 and Sieve #40+50 that I am talking about are columns B, C, and D in the JustAnswerSheet.
Expert:  Suryanto replied 1 year ago.
Ok. Please send me the sample of scatterplot based on data in justanswer.xlsx fileThanks
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
The attached file is kind of what I am going for, but again, it needs to automatically update with new data after I click the button to run the program. It should be able to take the sample name and date from the "Sample" column (column A) in the JustAnswerSheet (ie. "Basement 4-4" is sample type "Basement", date "4/4/2016").Some notes about the chart on the attached file:The x-axis should be the dates, in this case, that would be 3/24/16, 4/1/16, and 4/4/16. I do not just want the x-axis to be a list of all dates between the start and end though, I only want the x-axis to show the dates that were tested. So each point will correspond with an x-axis tick mark labeled with its correct date.The "46892" sample is known as a CoA sample, and there will be changing numbers, but they all need to be plotted as one series (for each sieve type). However, "Truck 46892" is a different type, and should be plotted as a "Truck" series. These numbers will change too.Please let me know if you have any more questions.
Expert:  Suryanto replied 1 year ago.
Hi Logan,Sorry for late replyI can write macro to separate series but have difficulties to plot the data.I will opt out and let other expert help youThank youSuryanto

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