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I need an excel expert plus, I have a spreadsheet that I

Customer Question

I need an excel expert plus, I have a spreadsheet that I download from Amazon, it comes as a Amazon formatted tab delimited text file (i.e. 38473894329844.txt), I open it with excel and it formats and populates the spreadsheet, I need some additional information
copied from one range to another range. I need this done on your computer so it isn't transferred and picks up additional characters, the company I need it uploaded to has a test mode for the completed file, you will need to access our two accounts to preform
the work. This is confidential work with sensitive information. This is very advance excel, we need to make sure that the file isn't changed in any way after the download, other than copying one cell create-date to item-note, and title to keywords and metatags
fields. To take this job you need to assure that you will not copy, pass on, or distubute this information to anyone. I can't state this strongly enough, this is our business inventory data. I will create a temp password ***** both sites, you can log on with
me on the phone if needed, I can walk you through the steps to download the latest file to your machine, then open with excel. You can then save a test file to work on in case of initial challenges. Then we can upload to the other account, try it in test mode
and see if it takes the file okay. If that works we are done, I will change the passwords and you get paid. This shouldn't take long if you are an Excel EXPERT, this is moving create-date(not time, just the first date characters) from cell X2..X9278 to Y2..
Y9278 The second move will be copy down, put the values 2 in the one cell, for approx 12000 records to the two field that contain ,will-ship-internationally(this has a value of 2 all the way through), expedited-shipping (this needs to be Domestic,International,Second
all the way through existing records. I could do the copy downs, but I want to have all the changes made on one machine and then uploaded for testing. The file needs to be kept in their format. This must be copied into every cell, some contain 1's, some are
or the cell beside in empty and it needs to have the Domestic,International,Second in every cell 2 Domestic,International,Second
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Microsoft Office
Expert:  Michael Hannigan replied 1 year ago.

If you would like to upload the file, I can take a look. Just attach it here using the paperclip icon or upload it somewhere where you can provide me with a link.

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