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Viet -MS Office Tech
Viet -MS Office Tech, Computer Support Specialist
Category: Microsoft Office
Satisfied Customers: 38171
Experience:  Ten years of computer hardware and software support; Windows 10 8 7 Vista XP & Mac; Microsoft Office, etc.
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Excel 2010. When I click on a cell it ghlights the previous

Customer Question

Excel 2010. When I click on a cell it highlights the previous cell each time. How do I makes this function stop?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Microsoft Office
Expert:  Viet -MS Office Tech replied 2 years ago.


I'm sorry about the issue. Does this happen to a particular Excel spreadsheet / file? Or to all?

Please try each of the following until it works:

- If it's a laptop, try at the same time the two keys Fn + F8 (and/or 2 keys Shift + F8 and/or 3 keys Fn + Shift + F8), and check.

- Make sure the Scroll Lock (Scrl Lk) key is off, and check.

- Click on the View tab at the top, then click on Normal view option, and check. If needed, click on Page view and check. If needed, click on Print view option and check. If needed, click back Normal view and check.

- At the bottom, set the Zoom option to something else other than 100%, like 90% or 110%, and check. If needed, set zoom option back to 100% and check.

, (or click on the View tab at the top, then change the Zoom option there.)

- Go to Control Panel\Ease of Access\Ease of Access Center, then click on the option Make the keyboard easier to use, then there, make sure the option Turn on Stick Keys (and/or all other options) is turned off, then click OK at the bottom, and check. (For windows xp, go to Start, click Control Panel, and then click Accessibility Options.)

- Check that the two Shift keys (and/or the two Ctrl keys) are not stuck.

- Shut down / restart the computer.

Please reply at the box below to continue troubleshooting. Thank you.