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222mk, , I want to create "To Do" list in microsoft Excel

Customer Question

HI, I want to create "To Do" list in microsoft Excel sheet. For that I want to name the task on a column and next column I wanna put a date. I want the color code to happen in the cells as below. 1. Green : If the goal date(Date written on the cell) is
7 days behind than current date. 2. Orange : If the goal(Date written on the cell) is 3 days to 7 days behind the current date. 3. Blue: if the the goal(Date written on the cell) is today date. 4. Red : if the the goal(Date written on the cell) is passes by.
The color change should happen on its own based on the above criteria. You can suggest anyother app which can achieve this facility. However MS Excel is my priority as its accessible by most of the people.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Microsoft Office
Expert:  Michael Norman replied 2 years ago.
Hello. My name is, Mike. I'd like to try and assist you by offering some additional information. You can certainly do this in Excel, however it has to be done using conditional formatting. Please go to the link below and scroll down to the date examples:
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Dear *****, I can google it and find some video and go through it it fully. For that I dont need to pay here $23 on just answers.If I am paying for the question what I want is below. :1. Please write down the steps for a lay man to understand the solution.By he way the link you sent is opening a video of a wrestling ring, That too in carricature mode. That is really funny.If I missed something in teh video please send me the steps for the same.
Expert:  Michael Norman replied 2 years ago.
First, I'm sorry about the first link, I was multi-tasking and responding to several different posts. Secondly, conditional formatting in Excel will take some level of technical ability in order to understand. Thirdly, I could write down the steps, however it would simply just be regurgitating the same information. This is a link to where the instructions are written and includes screen shots of how to use dates in conditional formatting: